Welcome to Travel Twosome. We are Brinda and Poorna from Bengaluru, the “Silicon city” or “Garden city” of India.

We travel together. We caught the travel bug 20 years back. On our honey moon, we traveled over the sea, in the train, by bus and in an aircraft! Our adventures probably started in that year. It continues, ever since. Travel is a common passion that has always played an important role in our lives.

Our travel has taken us across the length and breadth of India. Though we have traveled abroad, we love to travel within India. We still feel that we have seen only very little of this great country. Yes, we have had amazing experiences during our journey so far. Countless memories. Be it seeing the tallest Shiv ling in the world or the highest motor-able road in the world!

Travel Twosome

Trekking in the rain on a railway track amidst forests in monsoon to a lovely waterfalls in South India…..

Travel Twosome

In front of Dudhsagar Falls, Goa….. After 14 KMs Trek in rain!

Getting lost in the ruins of Hampi or in the forests of Nameri. Diving under the sea in Netrani or going for a monsoon drive to Goa.

Travel Twosome

It has been amazing journey so far.

Travel for us has been and continues to be…

Exploring the world in all its beauty, eccentricities..

Learning about new place, new culture, new cuisine, new art..

Discovering ourselves as we travel

Getting anchored to present moment and enjoying it..

Making new friends..

Exotic spark of adventure and discovery..

Being curious about the world we live in..

Let us introduce ourselves.


Brinda has been a Banker and now works with Hewlett Packard in Finance and Accounting. Besides travel, she loves fiction/poetry, theatre and movies. She is the official photographer on our trips.. Whether it is Nikon DSLR or from her latest iPhone 6.


Poorna has been an officer in Indian Army, Banker and now working in Cisco systems. Besides travel, he loves Cricket & Soccer, gardening, theatre, fiction/poetry and movies. He is the driver on our road trips!

Our goal at Travel Twosome is:

To be an Inspiration for your journeys no matter how big or small.

To share tales and tips from our travel hoping that it will encourage you to travel more

Learn from your travel experiences.. through this blog.

Travel is very personal. It can mean different things to different people. For some, it may be a week’s vacation on a luxury cruise. To others, it may be just backpacking.

Our hope is that this blog helps you find your travel inspiration regardless of your travel style.

We’re thrilled you found us and hope you find our travel stories and insights useful. If you have a question, please contact us through this website (you can email us here) or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Finally, one of the questions we get asked is “Don’t you get bored of travel?

Our answer is “Never.

We believe in the famous quote by Robert Louis Stevenson:

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

Thanks for stopping by Travel Twosome… We’re happy you found us and vice versa!