Arizona Slot Canyon

Andy gets mesmerised in Slot Canyons of Arizona!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
We love to travel. Naturally we love to read travelogues as well. We believe that every travel is personal and every traveler has his own story to tell. It is his/her own experience of new place, new people, new sights, new food and new culture. It is interesting to read the experience of of others which will only enhance or complement one’s own travel experience. Possibly, it may provide a new insight as well. We would like to share some of the interesting ones we come across in this blog. 

You have definitely heard of Grand canyon in Colorado, USA. What about “Slot Canyon” in Arizona?

In all probability, you may not have. Neither did we!

This story is by Andy. You might read his lovely blog. If you haven’t this is the place to start with.

Andy and Sameena are quintessential travellers. Andy is a free lancer having done assignments for BBC, National Geographic, CNN etc. Sameena accompanies him with a camera in hand. Yes, she is the photographer whose pictures accompany Andy’s travel stories. Sometimes thoughtful and serious…….sometimes humorous. Andy’s stories go beyond “what we did” kind of narration.

Here are two pictures of what we are talking. Looks amazing isn’t it?

Here is his account of his visit to Slot Canyons in Arizona. Yes, Andy will take you through a whirlwind tour of the place in his usual style!

Wonder stuck in Slot Canyons of Arizona!

Next time when you visit Grand Canyon, make sure you make some time to visit this lesser known but wonderful place.

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