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Back of the blog – Photographing the monsoon

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Last few posts on this blog have focused on monsoon in India. Naturally as this is the season to experience rain and green in India.
We consider ourselves as novice photographers still learning the tricks of the trade. When we were looking at posts by fellow bloggers on monsoon photography, we were lucky to find this one.  This series of posts by Arun focus on tips for photographers trying to capture the green vistas on a misty morning or droplets of water on a lotus in a serene pond.
Arun Bhat is not unknown to many of us. An acclaimed photographer and travel blogger, Arun gives excellent tips on photographing during monsoon in this series.
Check out his tips while photographing in monsoon

a) Keep the sky out

b) Capture the flowing water

c) Walk into the fog

d) Look at people

Then of course, he talks about something which is very important – How to protect your camera in the rain.
So what are you waiting for? Go and experience monsoon. But don’t forget carry your camera and bring back lovely memories………
Please go ahead and click on these links in his blog to get wiser and click better pictures this monsoon.
If you want to experience and celebrate monsoon in India, please click this link in this blog below which has a list for you to do!
Celebrating Indian Monsoon – A List!
Photo Courtesy – Arun Bhat
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