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Best Wishes for Ugadi – The Spring is here!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Ugadi means new beginning. Where can this better manifested than in the forests?

When we went to BR Hills last week, we could notice the celebration of spring in the forests. The dry trees were sprouting new twigs. The leaf colours were vibrant and the forest looked like a colourful collage.

Then there were early flowers too. The Flame of the forests and Golden showers are the two trees in the forest which herald spring. We don’t see too many “Flame of the forest” in South India. In central India, it is a riot of Orange colour during this time. But we see many trees of Golden showers with their yellow flowers.

Please take a look at the rejuvenation in the forest.


Spring in the forests


New beginning in the forest……


Colours of the forest!



New blooms of Flame of the forest!


Yellow flowers of Golden shower!

Ugadi is also the New year as per lunar calendar. May the new year bring all the peace and happiness to everyone!

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