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Dal lake as seen from two hills in Srinagar

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Dal lake is the piece de resistance of Srinagar. As we continue our focus on Kashmir, one cannot explain the beauty of this lake in words. It has to be seen. Dal lake is also synonymous with Kashmiri culture. When we first went for a shikara ride on a rainy afternoon in August 2013, it was a blissful experience. There was nobody around us and the vast pool of water was all ours!.

We were there in Srinagar last week. This time around, we didn’t go for the shikara ride. Instead, we drove up the neighbouring Shankaracharya hill which we had missed last time. The drive up the hill is a pleasant experience. The road goes through wooded area. It is greenery all around. Mushtaq our amiable driver stopped the car near a view point on the hill. It was raining and we had to take our umbrellas and rush to the place. What we saw from there was amazing. The houseboats and shikaras with their colorful roofs floating on the vast lake makes it a photographer’s delight.

Please click on the pictures to see them in larger size.

Dal Lake, Kashmir

Anchored houseboats with colorful roofs lend beauty to the landscape.

Dal lake, Srinagar

The shikaras are colorful too as you can see in this pictures.

Dal Lake, Kashmir

Dal Lake, Kashmir

This was shot from Taj Vivanta. The bend in the road, the boats and vast expanse of water makes the landscape lovely

Dal Lake, Kashmir

The iconic china trees in the middle of the lake. As seen from Taj Vivanta

Whenever you visit Srinagar, make sure you go up the hill of Shankaracharya and Taj Vivanta to see these beautiful vistas. The best time would be early in the morning.

Srinagar and Kashmir is peaceful. One can travel without fear.


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