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Food Safari – Bhatkal Biryani

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Last updated on January 21st, 2016 at 02:44 pm

We Indians love Biryani.
Whether it is Hyderabadi or Chettinad or Calcutta or Ambur or Dindigal etc. I had not heard of Bhatkal Birynai – pardon my ignorance – till i  read this article in “The Hindu”.
This is what Wiki say about “Bhatkal Biryani”.
” Bhatkali biryani is a special biryani savoured in all parts of coastal Karnataka and forms an integral part of Navayath cuisine. The Bhatkal‘s biryani evolved from the Bombay biryani which was further refined to give a distinct color taste and flavour. Bhatkali biryani can be of various kind, which include biryani made from either mutton, fish, chicken, or shrimp. The biryani is quite different from others across India in that the onions are used in larger proportions compared to other regions. The dish is cooked with the meat and onion based sauce being at the bottom of the cooking pot with a layers of rice on top, the rice and meat are mixed before serving. Local spices such as cardamom, cloves and cinnamon are used to get the distinct aroma. Served with Bhatkali kachumber. Bhatkali biryani is one of the most common wedding meals in Bhatkal and surrounding towns like Honavar, Murdeshwar, Manki, Shiroor, Byndoor, Gangolli, Kundapur all the way till Mangalore.”

I am not sure whether they also make Bhatkali Veg Biryani for veggies like us to savour.
Nevertheless, enjoy the Food Safari article in “The Hindu” on Bhatkal Biryani here.

In search of Bhatkal Biryani

………and stop over at Bhatkal for a plate of Biryani when you travel in Coastal Karnataka next time.





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