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Food Safari – In search of “Dharwad Pedha”

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Have you heard of Dharwad Pedha?
If you haven’t, then you are missing something.
If you had heard about it but not eaten, then it is a crime!
If you have sweet tooth like us, it is sinful not to have travelled to Dharwad in search of this delicacy.
While we were on one the numerous road trips, we took a detour from the highway to enter the lovely town of Dharwad in search of this mouth watering delicacy  It was around 9.30 in the morning and the “Thakur’s Pedha” on Line Bazar was yet to be opened. There was already a queue in front of the shop and we were tenth in the line. When our turn came, we picked few packets of fresh “Dharwad Pedha”.

Read all about famous Dharwad Pedha of Line Bazar here in this article published in Hindu.

In search of Dharwad Peda

When you happen to drive past Dharwad next time, take a detour to relish your sweet tooth. But be an early bird, lest you will miss the “Pedha”.



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We travel together. We caught the travel bug 20 years back. On our honey moon, we traveled over the sea, in the train, by bus and in an aircraft! Our adventures probably started in that year. It continues, ever since.


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