gulmarg Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Men @ Work in Gulmarg, Kashmir!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Gulmarg. The snow paradise in Kashmir!

We shot this picture on a bright sunny day.

The valley was snow washed when we were there last month.

The day was clear and the sky crystal blue.

We had got down at the first point to  take our first lessons in skiing!

After we took baby steps in snow and changing gear Brinda noticed this scene and clicked it.

These are sledge men. Men who pull you up the hill on snow sledge while you sit on it and slide you down. These are wooden sledges.

Anyone who have been to Gulmarg know how tough it is.

This must be a group of tourists. The men pulling them up must be taking a breather.

We were fascinated by the different poses by them. Against a white and blue background, these silhouettes make an interesting composition.

The colour of jackets worn by tourists provided nice contrast to white and blue.

Please click on the picture to see in enlarged size.

Gulmarg, Kashmir, India

When you go to Gulmarg next time, watch these sledge men at work.

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