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Holi in Mathura – A Lovely Photo feature by Mayank Soni

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Holi in Mathura! To be experienced.

We had to share this among our readers. We could not resist it.

A brilliant photo feature by Mayank Soni in Scroll on Holi in Mathura capturing festivities in Dauji temple.

We did feature the joy of Holi two years back in this blog when we shared the festivities of Holi in Mathura (Vrindavan) in India and Utah in USA.

Here are two sample pictures by Mayank Soni.

Holi in mathura

Holi in mathura

Please check out his brilliant Photo feature here – Mathura’s Huranga fest: The day after Holi sees more colour – and every man returns home shirtless

Plan a week in Mathura next year. Experience Holi the way it was celebrated thousands of years ago when Lord Krishna played with his Gopikas!

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