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Written by Poorna & Brinda
Last week i was reading about Hornbill festival of Nagaland. The colourful, boisterous and lively festival of the people of Nagaland. The festival showcases the tribal culture of Nagaland. More about that in another post.
When i was reading about it, my memories went back twenty five years when i visited Kohima while in the army and went to see the second world war cemetery built by British.
You should hand it to British to ensure that honour and sacrifice made by the soldiers is never forgotten. Do you know as a country, India do not have a national war memorial even after 65 years of Independence? All war memorials are built by British – remember India Gate in Delhi – or by Army in their regimental centres.
Kohima cemetery is a place not be missed by anyone who is fond of history and to remember our brave soldiers who died for the country. Immaculately maintained in the best British tradition by Commonwealth War Graves Commission, it is a place you will not forget easily.
This cemetery was built in memory of those who laid down their lives while successfully repulsing the advancing Japanese forces during the Second World War
This was Deputy Commissioner’s Tennis Court where the British and Indian forces successfully resisted the advancing Japanese forces for two months. A memorial has since been erected in honour of those who laid down their lives fighting the Japanese forces during April-June 1944.
The tomb stones are so nicely arranged with names on them. There are many unnamed soldiers as well. Some families of martyred soldiers visit the cemetery and offer tribute every year
The plaque on the tomb stone
The famous quote……
When you plan a trip to North East next time, be there to enjoy the Horn Bill Festival. At the same time don’t forget to visit the cemetery with so many poignant memories……
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