Road Trip Vignettes

Road Trip Vignettes – Flame of the Forest in Bloom

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Flame of the forest is a beautiful tree. Specially when you see it during this season – January to March – when it is in full bloom.

My vivid memories of train journeys from South India to North while serving in the Army are the vistas of orange and vermillion colours whenever the train crossed Vindhya mountains in Central India. The train passes through deciduous forests of Central India which comes to life when the this tree is in bloom. The onset of flowering these trees covers the forest with colours giving an illusion of a flame in the forest.

Thus the name “Flame of the Forest”!

When we were driving in Central India during the road trip to Chattisgarh and Kanha, we happened to see these trees in bloom along the road. It was in March and some flowers had withered but they still looked lovely. It as a soothing sight.

Next time when you are driving in Central India or traveling by train in January – March , look out for these trees and for lovely sight of “Flame of the Forest” in bloom.

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Poorna & Brinda

We are Brinda and Poorna from Bengaluru, the “Silicon city” or “Garden city” of India.

We travel together. We caught the travel bug 20 years back. On our honey moon, we traveled over the sea, in the train, by bus and in an aircraft! Our adventures probably started in that year. It continues, ever since.

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