Ladakh Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Lamayuru skyline, Ladakh

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Lamayuru in Ladakh.

It is a known fact that Ladakh is photographer’s paradise. Whenever we turn over our Ladakh album, we always land up with a gem of a picture. Ladakh landscape is such that it never stops mesmerising you. This time for Skywatch friday, we had stiff competition from two pictures – one that of Lamayuru and the other being the one which was shot in Hunder.

We chose Lamayuru this time and will share the picture of Hunder next week.

Lamayuru has most fascinating landscape in Ladakh. The “Moonscape” of Lamayuru is a geological wonder. What is more fascinating is the monastery and its setting. The beauty can not be explained but to be seen. Take a look at this picture. click on it to see in enlarged size.

Lamayaru, Ladakh

Monastery at Lamayuru, Ladakh

We shot this picture in the afternoon from the highway. We stopped over for few minutes for the “Photo session”. As we started clicking we noticed a huge shadow suddenly covering the hills. At the same time, Lamayuru started basking in golden twilight. We did not lose the opportunity to capture it in our frame.

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