Magic of Indian Monsoon!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Monsoon has hit peninsular India.

It is pouring in southern state of Kerala and is likely to extend to other parts soon.

Monsoon is lifeline to Indian farmers whose livelihood depends on bounty rainfall. It is key to Indian economy.

The rains cools the hot earth beaten brown in torrid Indian summer.

It is rejuvenation again.

Get out in the rain to enjoy the lovely vistas during monsoons.

Don’t worry if you get drenched.

A leech bite here or there does not hurt either.

Go for a drive. Trek the hills. Walk to waterfalls.

Time to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Don’t sit at home.

It is heart warming to see these monsoon images by Suhas Desale.

The vibrancy of Indian Monsoon has been beautifully captured by him.

These pictures should pull you outdoors!
Please click on the pictures to see them in original size.

Suhas has a lovely album on Monsoon magic. Click on this link below. You would thank us for it!

Monsoon Magic – An Album by Suhas Desale

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