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Monday Images – Spectacular Mountainscapes of Quebrada de Humahuaca & Ladakh!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Monday Images. Every weekend, we share images taken by us during our travel or those taken by fellow travellers from different parts of the world to places we haven’t been to but liked them. Hope you will like them too.
This weekend, we were exploring for some pictures of Leh – Srinagar highway. We had done some fifty KMs of it when we were in Ladakh four years ago. we couldn’t do it because of security situation in Srinagar then. Being the season of Ladakh on this blog, we thought it would be apt to showcase some pictures of the highway on this blog.
When we were searching for it in Flickr, we happened to see a lovely picture by Ms Ann Tatti. When we further dived deep and checked out her albums, we were stunned to see outstanding landscape of The Quebrada de Humahuaca.
Then we stuck a goldmine as we explored further. We were to see this amazing album by Mariano Mantel on Route 40 in the Quebrada de Humahuaca and its surrounding mountains. These pictures are taken by him on his Motorcycle trips to these mountains.
The Quebrada de Humahuaca is a narrow mountain valley located in the province of Jujuy in northwest Argentina, 1,649 km (1,025 mi) north of Buenos Aires. It is about 155 km (96 mi) long, oriented north-south, bordered by the Altiplano in the west and north, by the Sub-Andean hills in the east, and by the warm valleys (Valles Templados) in the south. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The landscape resemble that of Ladakh. The arid, broken landscape and pink coloured mountainscape was similar to the one we had seen while driving on Manali – Leh road.
Here are the pictures we had taken on Manali – Leh road……….
Eroded and broken landscape on Manali – Leh road
Pink and colourful mountainscape along Indus river befor Upashi on Manali – Leh road

The following are the pictures taken by Mariano Mantel on his Motorcycle trips……..

Heaven above … Jujuy
Route 52, at 4000 meters high Narrow Ronqui crossing towards the coast of Lipan
Gorge of the Arrows, Formations in the Gorge of the Arrows
The Castles Rock formation near the river gorge Cafayate in Salta Argentina Las Conchas
Painter’s collage ……..Pink Mountains of Quebrada ( by Ann Tatti)
For magnificent pictures taken by Mariano Martel during his Motorcycle ride in the region, please click here
Please take a look at this lovely Album by Ms Ann Tatti on Quebrada…
You may also look at the following posts on our drive in from Manali to Leh for some outstanding landscapes…….
Ladakh Diaries 2 – Manali to Leh, Day two
So folks, all of you who have done the trips to Ladakh, plan to pack your bags to Argentina for your next trip!
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