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Monday Images – Rocky wonders of Ramanagaram!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
This was an impromptu trip. How lovely it turned out to be!
We finished the charity run and went for a drive to Magadi, then to Bangalore via Ramanagaram. The showers in the last few days in the area had turned landscape green. Farmers were out in the field and tilling their land. The contrast of earth’s brown to the green around was striking. Driving on the road to Magadi is always a green feast to the eyes, especially when you go around the curvy roads in the valley of Thippagondanahalli.
More surprise was in store when we drove towards Ramanagaram from Magadi. A fantastic road through the reserved forests, stunning landscape of hills of Savandurga and surrounding made it a pleasant drive to cherish.
Check out the pictures of lovely vistas we saw….. (Please click on the picture to see the original size)
The monolith of Savandurga towering into clouds. In the foreground is a lovely lake
The other face of Savandurga
The amazing rock formation in Savanadurga
The stunning landscape around Savandurga
A stunning formation resembling a huge Shivalinga 
As we approached Ramanagara, we saw another stunning vista

It was a pleasant and memorable drive. Easy to do. We urge you to go for it anyday. You will not regret it!
Postscript – Ramanagaram is the same place where Bollywod blockbuster “Sholay” was shot. Ramanagaram was named as Ramgarh in the movie
Monday Images. Every weekend, we share images taken by us during our travel or those taken by fellow travellers from different parts of the world to places we haven’t been to but liked them. Hope you will like them too.

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Kootagal Hill – Rocky wonder!
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