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Shivanasamudra falls is Spectacular | Go Now!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Shivanasamudra falls – Gaganachukki and Barachukki – are looking glorious thanks to release of water from KRS Dam. Go now.

We happened to go BR Hills to go the temple. On the way back we happened to go to Gaganachukki Falls. This is how it looks now. It is a feast to eyes. Please take a look at these pictures. Please click on them to see it in larger size.

Shivanasamudra falls

A Pan shot of the complete falls. Gorgeous!

Shivanasamudra falls

Close up shot of the falls as it takes the leap…..

Shivanasamudra falls

The right side portion of the falls……

We could not go to Barachukki as we were running short of time. It should also be a spectacular sight now.

With release of water from KRS Dam to Tamil Nadu, the twin falls at Shivanasamudra is a sight to behold. Don’t miss it. Go now or as soon as possible as the water is released into the river.

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