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Skywatch Friday – A Church with a Garuda Gamba!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
During Christmas holidays, we were in Vagamon in Kerala. We stayed in lovely Vanilla County which we had featured in 17 cool options to beat the heat in South India. We arrived for lunch from Kovalam. After a sumptuous Kerala lunch, our genial host Baby Mathew suggested that if we are not tired, we can visit the sunset point near Teekoy at Ellappara.
We never say no to exploring new things and were game for it. Maju, the right hand man of Mr Mathew accompanies us for the drive to sunset point at Ellapara We leave the home stay and hit the highway. After few kilometres of drive on the highway we take a detour. This is a hill road and sheer climb to the highest point in Mavadi hills. Winding road through plantations and forest take us to the sunset point. We were in time to watch sun go down in the horizon.
As we prepared to leave, we notice the church – where we had parked the car – with a brass pillar in front. It looked like Garuda Gamba or the holy flag post which we normally find in front of Hindu temples in South India. We got curious and went closer to check. Yes, everything was same except for a “Holy cross” on the top of the post! It was unusual and surprise to us. Maju said churches in in Kerala uses such pillars for flag hoisting.
Interesting indeed. Amalgamation of two religions, two traditions! Isn’t this what we call India?
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Skywatch Friday – Garuda & Sky!
Postscript – More about unexplored Vagamon in future posts on this blog. Keep tuned.
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