Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday | A Morning in Cubbon Park

Written by Poorna & Brinda

In July, on one of the weekends, we had gone for a run in Cubbon Park, Bangalore. If you are a runner, you can not get a better place to run in Bangalore. It was organised by Adidas and we were running 10 KM. It was not a competition but more of a training run organised by Adidas.

The weather was perfect. It had rained on the previous day. The sky was overcast. When we crossed Seshadri Iyer memorial hall, Poorna noticed the complete overhaul of the rose garden done immaculately. The rose plants were pruned – should be in bloom now – the lawn was well mowed and the garden was looking at its best. On top of it, the building had been given a new coat of paint and was looking gorgeous.

Poorna had to stop and click this picture. The red building was stunning amidst greenery all around! ( Please click on the picture to see it in larger size)

Cubbon Park

The elegant Seshadri Iyer Memorial hall in the middle of green canopy!

Cubbon Park houses many beautiful heritage buildings and Seshadri Iyer memorial Hall is one of them. The entry in Wiki describes it like this.

” Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, built in 1915 AD in a classic European style with Tuscan and Corinthian columns, in honour of Sir K.Seshadri Iyer who was Dewan of Mysore State from 1883 to 1901, is an impressive red building with gables. It houses the Seshadri Memorial library.[15] The memorial building is ensconced in the middle of the park, framed by the greenery of the park and with a beautiful frontage of the rose garden.[13] The Library has an area of 300 km² and functions as the Apex of the Karnataka Public Libraries system, which is governed by State Library Authority.In the year 2000 AD, the Library was awarded the Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation Award for the best state central library in India in recognition of its outstanding contribution to meritorious services rendered in the spread of knowledge and gearing up of library movement in the city of Bengaluru in particular and in the state of Karnataka in general. The library has presently a collection of 2.65 lakh books and also a Braille section.”

Take a walk or go for a run or bicycle around this weekend in Cubbon park in the morning. It is refreshing.

Don’t forget to check out this beautiful building with lovely roses in bloom!



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