Ladakh Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Ladakh from Sky!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Which is the best picture for this season to showcase on Skywatch? It has to be something with snow. Being the season of Yuletide, it fits the bill. Last year, we were in Sikkim during this time and the spectacular drive to Nathula was a picture postcard made for the season. We only missed Santa!
The best views of Himalayas if you are not a mountaineer is from the plane. Though Ladakh does not have a helicopter/Plane safari of Himalayas like you have in Nepal, you will still get to see magnificent views of the mountains when you are landing or taking off from Leh. You have to make sure that you have a window seat. We were lucky to experience it five years ago which we shared it here. Ladakh Diaries 7 – Himalayas from sky!
We were in Ladakh again in August this year. Unlike five years ago, it was an incredibly sunny month which had melted most of the snow. In fact, we did not see snow in Khardung La! When we took off from Leh, back to Bengaluru, we ensured that we get a seat near the window. Poorna was ready with his zoom to capture the magical views. We were not disappointed. Though the snow was less, the contrast of snow and black granite was mind-blowing.
Check out these pictures. Click on them to see them in larger size.

For ten minutes, we were treated with magnificent vistas of Ladakh ranges. Now you know what to do do when you fly next time to Leh. Make sure you have a window seat and keep your camera and binoculars ready.

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