bijapur Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Minarets of Bijapur, Karnataka

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Bijapur in Karnataka is known for its Adil Shahi monuments. Especially the “Gol Gumbaz” which is the second largest dome in the world and is the star attraction of Bijapur. The other well known monument is “Ibrahim Rauza” which was initially constructed as a palace for one of the queens of sultan but later converted into a mausoleum for the family.
While the “Ibrahim Rauza” complex is beautifully symmetrical and set amidst a spacious garden, we clicked this picture while coming out today. Suddenly these six minarets in one frame caught the eye and against a blue sky with few clouds, looked different from what we had seen earlier.
It happens to us many times. Apart from the main attraction, we will get to see interesting stuff in places we travel. This was one such occasion.
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