Skywatch Friday suvarna soudha

Skywatch Friday – Palace in the Sky!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

When did you last see an Indian mythological on your TV screen?

We all would have seen the scenes of the palace in the sky in them. Those grand sets of Indra’s palace floating in the sky with clouds moving around. How would you feel if you are offered a similar sight on the ground?

This is the first impression you get when you are driving from Belgaum towards Bangalore. You come out the hustle bustle of city traffic and enter one of the lovely stretch of highway in the country. You negotiate to the top of a high ground overlooking a fantastic valley of green expanse. Then you take slight left turn and comes the surprise!

You will see a palace kind of a building on a small high ground in the distance. Wow! you exult and you are now eager to come closer and see the palace.

Yes, this is what happened when we were driving back from Goa last week. Monsoon clouds provided a perfect background which made this building float in the sky from a distance.

This is the newest addition to fabulous public buildings in the country. A replica of fantastic “Vidhana Soudha” the assembly hall in Bangalore. This is “Suvarna Soudha”, the assembly hall and secretariat of Government of Karnataka for Summer sittings.

We stopped and clicked the pictures of the building. Being a holiday there was no chance for us to go inside.

Here is what we saw. Please click on pictures to see them in original size.

This is how it looks from the distance….in the clouds!
We come closer and click at an angle. We loved the sky and clouds above.
This one shot in front and zoomed. It is just fabulous!
When you drive on this road next time, stop for a minute. take a pause and get awed at this lovely sight.
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