Ladakh Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Trishul in the Sky!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Are you surprised with the title of this post?
Yes, we too were zapped when we saw this while driving in Ladakh. We noticed it during our trip to Tso Kar and it was a fascinating sight. A colourful “Trishul” or the “Holy Trident” installed atop a small hillock on the road side. The blue and white of the sky was a lovely background to the colourful trishul.
While returning back from Tso Kar, we had to stop to capture it in our lens. Click on the picture to see in original size.
 The setting of the Trishul on the hillock looked divine. Trishul is associated with Lord Shiva whose abode is Himalayas. Here we see his weapon installed on the mountain and glittering on a cloudy afternoon.
This is the logo of an army division based in Karu. Known as Trishul division, it is responsible for defending Ladakh region and is legendary for its bravery and valour in defending the country in many wars.
When you are in Leh, you will definitely notice this place while driving to Pangong lake. Look right once you see army barracks after departing Leh town.
You can’t miss this lovely sight!
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