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Tavelolio 15 – Travel Trivia from Twosome!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

We are back with another edition Travel Olio – Weekly Travel Trivia from around the world.

We want to share with you some of the interesting stories/articles/video/pictures we have read/seen over the week. Some nice articles inspiring enough for you to start the next vacation. A video of fellow travellers we have loved seeing and want you to experience.

Travel + Olio = Travel Olio, this is a potpourri of travel trivia around the world. For your reading on a lazy weekend morning.

Hope you would love it the way we loved reading/watching them.

A scary drive to a remote valley!

travel trivia

Pictures from Pangi Valley. Can you spot the car??

Driving in Himalayas is always fun and scary too. We have experienced driving on treacherous road in the world when we drove to Spiti last year. This road will beat that road in being the most treacherous road in the world.

Read about it here.

A scary drive to a remote valley!

50 Adventures for you not to miss!

travel trivia

Angel falls

The 50 adventures selected here are for couples and families, singletons and groups, the young and the not-so-young. Some are “soft” adventures, while others are more challenging. All will be unforgettable.

50 Adventures

America’s best 20 cities for Beer lovers!

travel trivia

Beer, Beer, Beer!!

Who does not love beer? Who does not want to drink locally brewed beer? When a city in America has 80 Micro breweries, you are in good place. Not sure where does Bangalore – the beer capital of India – stand versus Portland!

You know where to head in America when you are thirsty!

20 best American cities to enjoy beer!

 Video of the week – Beautiful Greenland

travel trivia

Landscape in Greenland!!

Thanks to Bollywood, Iceland has become popular in India. What about its gorgeous neighbour? Greenland is amazing and this video will tell you why…….Click on this link below….

Gorgeous Greenland

Photograph of the week – Stunning pictures from NASA

travel trivia

A stunning picture from NASA

It is not one. But Ten. Check out ten stunning pictures from NASA

10 Stunning Pictures from NASA’s Release of 3 Million Images

From the archives of Travel Twosome

travel trivia

Beautiful vistas around Kotagiri!

What do you do when it is summer in India? You head to the hills. Whether it is in the North or South. We picked some nice destinations for you to head to this Summer. Please take a look

7 Unknown destinations in India to beat summer!

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