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Travelolio 16 – Travel Trivia from Twosome!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

We are back with another edition Travel Olio – Weekly travel trivia from around the world.

We want to share with you some of the interesting stories/articles/video/pictures we have read/seen over the week. Some nice articles inspiring enough for you to start the next vacation. A video of fellow travellers we have loved seeing and want you to experience.

Travel + Olio = Travel Olio, this is a potpourri of travel trivia around the world. For your reading on a lazy weekend morning.

Hope you would love it the way we loved reading/watching them.

A sacred River and a Sacred city!

Travel Trivia

You can not but be captivated by Ganges in Varanasi. The river is the life. Roy Hoffman writes about his experience of India’s most sacred river and most sacred city.

Captivated by Ganges, a river of Souls

You can see more on Varanasi in this blog here – Varanasi Wanderings

Adventures of a vegetarian traveller!

Travel Trivia

We have faced it when we travel. Being vegetarians is tough when you travel outside India especially when you are in Europe and Americas. But, it will also give one an opportunity to explore some exciting cuisine. Shahnaz Habib writes about

Why being a vegetarian traveller is often so hard to swallow

12 Top Instagram tips

Travel Trivia

We all use Instagram to share the travel pics with the world around us. How can we make this experience better? Here are 12 top tips from well-known photographer Alistair Taylor – Young. Make better pictures!

12 Top Instagram tips

Video of the week – Experience of a first time climber

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.54.48 pm

What is the first experience of climbing a mountain? Euphoria? A sense of achievement? Petra Winkes lives in a small town in Holland—far from the mountains that she always dreamed of climbing. In June of 2015, sets off to summit the Balmhorn, a large peak in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. This short film from ATLAS follows Winkes as she attempts to climb a mountain for the first time.

What it is to climb a mountain for the first time!

Picture of the week – Window stories!

Travel Trivia

This is too good!! Andre Vincent Goncalves, the ace Portuguese photographer has been photographing the windows of the world. The colours of these windows blows you off. Check out more on his website.

Windows of the world

From Twosome archives – Spectacular Spiti valley!

Travel Trivia

Countdown to Spiti valley season. As the snow melts in the passes, it is time to explore the remotest corners of the country. We were there last June and it was the most memorable journey ever. Check this link below and you will agree with us!

Spiti Valley – Spectacular and Remote!

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