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Twosome Travelolio 9 – World Travel Trivia

Written by Poorna & Brinda

We are back with another edition of Twosome Travelolio – World Travel Trivia.

We want to share with you some of the interesting stories/articles/video/pictures we have read/seen over the week. Some nice articles inspiring enough for you to start the next vacation. A video of fellow travellers we have loved seeing and want you to experience.

Travel + Olio = Travelolio, this is a potpourri of travel trivia around the world. For your reading on a lazy Sunday morning, every week.

Hope you would love it the way we loved reading/watching them.

Growing up in a National geographic Family

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

All in the family!

Kenneth Garret, the ace Nat Geo photographer recalls his experience of growing up with his legendary father – W E Garret in this nice piece Growing up in a National Geographic Family

Secrets of Grand Canyon

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

A waterfall in Supai village

Grand Canyon is one of the many popular tourist places in America. Millions of people visit every year and has been explored by many. But this amazing place still has some secrets in its belly.

Supai – A remote village in Grand Canyon is one of them. Check it out.

Dusted in Desert – A Woman’s story

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

Sand Dunes of Morocco

What happens when a woman participate in one of the toughest desert race in the world – the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, also known as the Gazelles Rally, the world’s largest all-female motor sporting competition. Jaclyn Trop tells her story in My Ride along in a 9 day All women’s Extreme Truck Race in the Moroccan Desert.

Places and Names

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

It is all in the names……

57 Places you have been mispronouncing is an interesting story on the names of the places in America. Read on….

An ode to Beer and Beer drinkers!

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

Does this need a caption??

Who doesn’t love a chilled pint? These three write ups should make you head to the nearest beer bar!

Best beer trips in Europe

Best beer bars in America

21 Best Beer Bars in the world!

Video of the week – Last Ice Merchant

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

Baltazar Ushca on the way to mountains for mining the ice……

Ice Merchants? Yes. Once upon a time there used to be a flourishing tribe mining ice from mountains. Fresh, tasty and natural. For over 50 years Baltazar Ushca has harvested the glacial ice of Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo. In this fascinating video Last Ice Merchant  by New York Times, you will hear about the last of them in Ecuador, South America.

Pictures of the week

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

Blue Flowers in Hitachinaca in Japan

Twosome Travelolio - World Travel Trivia

View of the moon at night!

Two stunning collections. One from the entries for Astronomy photographer of the year and the other is the best of March 2015 from Nat Geo.

Stunning pictures of night sky – Astronomy photographer of the year

Best of Pictures for March 2015 – National Geographic

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