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Wildlife Stories – 4 Wildlife Bloggers You should read!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Summer is good time to go to wildlife sanctuaries. Yes, it will be hot. The forest will be brown. But this is also the best time to spot the animals. Especially the big cats. Elusive they are, otherwise.
We have been wildlife enthusiasts ourselves.  Brought up on staple diet of “Sanctuary Magazine” it is always fun to read an account of adventures by fellow wildlife enthusiasts. These are few “Wildlife bloggers” as we call them. You find many “Wildlife Photographers” but very few “Wildlife Bloggers”.
Read them and we are sure your next trip will be either to Nagarahole or Corbett or Kaziranga!
Thomas Anand
Thomas started wildlife photography about 8-9 years back as a hobby (it is still a hobby as he has a day job in one of the IT companies in Bangalore). He tries to capture experiences that he and his wife have had every time they visit a wildlife destination. Both ensure that all their travel destinations revolve around wildlife. The best part of them is presenting their trips in an interesting manner with lovely photographs.
Snow Leopard in Ladakh
Please take a look at their adventures in the blog here
Vijay Cavale
Many of us know that Vijay is a excellent wildlife photographer. He is passionate about it. But he is also an excellent blogger which you will realise after reading one of his stories. He is lucid and provide those tit bits which are very useful for anyone interested in travelling to the destination.
Otter captured in Kaveri, Galibore
Please take a look at his adventures in his blog here
Angad Achappa
Passionate about Wildlife, Angad captures wild animals in his Canon camera and peppers them with nice write up. To Angad, wildlife photography provides is a unique opportunity to capture special moments in time, portraying the uniqueness of even the most common birds and animals around us.
Slender Loris, Devarayanadurga, Karnataka 
Please take a look at his adventures in his blog here
Kalyan Varma
Acclaimed wildlife photographer, filmmaker, naturalist and explorer specializing in environment, science and ecology in India. Kalyan freelance with many of the world’s leading magazines, environmental NGOs and television channels like Nat Geo and BBC. His photographs are a treat for the eyes. See them to believe it. More interesting are his lovely photo essays.
Desert fox pups, Rann of Kutch, Gujarat 
Please take a look at his adventures in his blog here
This an indicative list of bloggers specialising in wildlife we have liked. Passionate to the core, these guys bring a smile to our face when we flip through their stories and see their excellent pictures.
Have you come across anyone similar? Please share it with us.
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