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Continuing from London Eye and being weekend, this post has to be on English Pubs……

If at all Bangalore – my home town – has some connection with London – the city i like most – it must the pubs and bars. Both cities celebrate the pub culture and if you are in either of them, you have to visit any of the pubs to revel in the atmosphere there. Thankfully, in recent times, the pub culture in Bangalore is in upswing – with good ales – and in London the Government is taking positive action to save iconic pubs in the city.
Pubs in London is a world in itself. English who generally keep a stiff upper lip – you should experience that when you travel in the London tube or in suburban trains where there is pin drop silence – let their hair down after a pint in the pub. Anything goes here. The favourite topics of course are football, politics and gossip. A typical English office goer will leave his office around five in the evening, buy a copy of Evening Standard in the neighbouring kiosk and head to his favourite pub for a pint before catching a train home. His buddies will join him there or he will join one of the gangs who will be there in the pub. If the day is Friday, the crowd is boisterous and lively than ever.
Why am i talking about pubs in London now? Two days back i read about good news of British government taking positive steps to make sure that good old pubs dont die a premature death at the hands of real estate sharks. This article in New York Times also kindled my memories of spending lovely evenings in the pubs of London during my stay there for a fortnight a decade ago.
Our office was on Fleet street. Bang opposite our office is the revered Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub which traces its history to 16th century. This was our hang out most of the evenings before our British friends caught their train back home. If we got bored of this place, then we headed to another icon – The Tipperary known for its gloomy charm.
Let me leave you with some pictures of the iconic pubs in London. Also some nice articles for you to read with a pint in hand over the weekend.
Better still head to a pub! You will love it.
The Oldest Irish pub in London
The table where Oliver Goldsmith, Samuel Johnson, Charles Dickens used to enjoy a beer
Lovely corner in the pub
The Iconic Tipperary pub….
A lovely collage of English pubs. Photo Courtesy Ian Halesey

Saving an endangered species – English pubs

A slide show on English pubs

Going back in time in Old England – Sip by Sip

Pub crawl in London!

For all information on drinking Beer in London, click here

London – City of Beer

What has been your experience of going to a pub in London? Do share it.

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