Breakfast in Bhopal – Poha & Jalebi!

Written by Poorna & Brinda
Nothing can be better than starting with food. Indians love their food. India is a Gourmet’s paradise. The tastes change every few KMs in this country. Exciting part of traveling in India is also becoming adventurous in experimenting different cuisines.

When we went to Bhopal last year, we did not want to eat in the hotel we stayed. Noor-us-Sabha is the best hotel in Bhopal. But we wanted something authentic, something very “Bhopali”. So we took an auto-rickshaw and headed to the small bye-lanes which are famous for the breakfast of Poha and Jalebi.  A motley group pf locals were already gathering in front of Sharmaji’s joint which is famous for tangy Poha and hot, crispy Jalebis.

Crowd gathering in front of Sharmaji’s stall

Poha is spicy and tangy puffed rice which is soaked and light fried with a garnishing of chillies, coriander leaves etc…..and Jalebi is the the sweet which is made of lentil batter which is deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Jalebi must be the national sweet of India!!

Poha (yellow in colour), Jalebi (orange in colour). The other dish is Kachori.

Sharmaji serving Poha and hot, crispy Jalebis

The combination was heavenly. No doubt, we helped ourselves to generous helpings!!

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