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Last updated on November 22nd, 2015 at 03:07 pm

Back of the blog. Here we will share tit-bits and snippets on India/World Travel which may be useful for a traveller. It may be some new information about the place, a new cuisine one can explore, a bit of history, a funny anecdote or a good travel book. Anything connected to Travel. 

Paul Theroux is a favourite travel writer of us. We have read his travel books and love the insights he brings in them. Anyone who is interested in travel should necessarily read his “Tao of Travel”.
In this article in New York Times, Paul writes about travelling to countries which are not popular or even considered as “Dangerous” places. It is always a challenge to travel to these places but memorable if one does in spite of challenges. What inspires a man to travel to places knowing fully well that they may not be “tourist friendly”?
As Paul concludes,
“In my own “Tao of Travel,” the fact that a place is out of fashion, forgotten or not yet on the map doesn’t make it less interesting, just more itself, and any visit perhaps more of a challenge. But travel maps have always been provisional and penciled in, continually updated. The map of the possible world being redrawn right now — parts of it in tragic and unsettling ways — might soon mean new opportunities for the traveler who dares to try it. Travel, especially of the old laborious kind, has never seemed to me of greater importance, more essential, more enlightening.”

Enjoy Paul’s article in NY Times here in this link. We liked it. Hope you will too.

Why We Travel – Paul Theroux in NY Times

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