Road Trip Vignettes – Kids are Kids!

A Road trip is always like this. You suddenly notice something interesting and get down. It can be anything. A lovely landscape or a small water fall or life in rural india. It gives you the freedom to enjoy the journey at your own pace. Many a time, we have noticed that journeys are more interesting than the actual destination itself. We call these as “memorable moments” on the road. When these vignettes are captured on the lens, they remain cherished memories forever.

Remember the lovely Gazal “Kagaz ki Kashti‘ by Jagjit Singh?

Memories of childhood always bring smile to one’s lips.

We were driving from Nagpur to Indore during our recent road trip. We noticed a jaggery making unit on the roadside and stopped to see how they prepare jaggery. It is an interesting story by itself and we reserve it for another post.

When we finished tasting fresh and hot jaggery and drinking mugs of Sugarcane juice, we noticed these kids coming from the school with pinwheels in their hand. It was Saturday and they had been let off after half day in the school. They looked innocent and fresh. The joy of returning back home was evident on their face.

Brinda got a lovely idea when we saw them. We asked the boys to run with their pinwheels in hand and she clicked it. Here it is…..

Road Trip Vignettes

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