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Kaiwara & Kailasagiri Hill | Your Guide for One Day Trip from Bangalore!

kaiwara & Kailasagiri
Written by Poorna & Brinda

Last updated on November 3rd, 2019 at 02:32 pm

Kaiwara & Kailasagiri is nice one day trip from Bangalore. Kaiwara is a small town near Bangalore and is famous for Saint Kaiwara Thatayya ashram and temple complex. Kailasagiri is a small hill which is at a distance of 7 KMs from Kaiwara which is known for a panoramic view of the local landscape and cave temple.

This is twenty first post in this series of “One day trips from Bangalore”. If you are looking for places to visit from Bangalore within 150 kilometres or if you are looking for a comfortable one day trip from Bangalore, please take a look at this post on this blog. We encourage you to explore the rich landscape, heritage and beautiful spots surrounding Bangalore.

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The Circuit

There are two routes you can explore depending on your convenience

  1. Bangalore – Hosakote – H Cross – Kaiwara – Kailasagiri – Hosakote – Bangalore 
  2. Bangalore – Devanahalli – H Cross – Kaiwara – Kailasa Giri – Devanahalli – Bangalore

Total Distance 

Route 1 – 177 KMs

Route 2 – 152 KMs

Road Condition – Very good

Google Map

Route 1 –

Route 2 –

The Itinerary

7 AM – Depart from home. If you are planning to go on Route 1 then hit the airport road and after the Devanahalli toll gate, follow the route given above. If you are planning to use Route 2, then use Outer Ring road or Old Madras Road to reach KR Puram and cross over the bridge and drive towards Hosakote. At Hosakote, follow the road towards Kaiwara & Kailasagiri as given in the map.

8 AM – Have breakfast at either India Paratha Company or Nandi Upachar at Devanahalli cross on Route 1. On Route 2, you can have breakfast at Hosakote in Guru Nalapaka.

8.45 AM – Depart for Kaiwara. Drive on the highway and reach Kaiwara after a 60 minutes of easy drive.

10 AM – Explore the temple complex of Kaiwara. Once done, you can climb a hills Bheema Bakasura Betta and  Vaikunta betta for a panoramic view of the surroundings. Places to see in Kaiwara are

  1. Sri Yogi Narayana Mutt – The main shrine of Saint Kaiwara Tatayya.
  2. Sri Amaranarayana Swamy Temple – A lovely temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu
  3. Bheemeshwara temple dedicated to Shiva
  4. Bheema-Bakasura Betta or Chamundi Betta – This is a small hill – 500 steps – and the legend is that Bheema and Bakasura fought here during Mahabharata period. The view of the surroundings is lovely. It also has a small temple dedicated to Goddess Chamundi and a natural spring known as Lakshman Tirtha.
  5. Vaikunta Betta – A small hill where Kaiwara Tatayya meditated and attained enlightenment in a cave. It is well maintained and nice place.

Main shrine of Kaiwara Tatayya at Yogi Narayana Mutt

Murals depicting various miracles of Kaiwara Tatayya

A nice view of Kaiwara town from Vaikunta betta

Lakshmana tirtha on Bheema Bakasura betta

View of temple complex from Vaikunta betta

12.30 PM – After exploring Kaiwara, depart for Kailasagiri which is at a distance of 7 KMs.

Panoramic view of Kailasagiri from the road

A small reservoir – Ambaji Durga reservoir – near Kailasagiri

1 PM – Park your car and a small walk on stone paved path will bring you to the massive stone hills of Kailasgiri with its cave temples. Spend 30 minutes exploring the cave temples. It is better to wear socks and walk on the stoned pathway as it will be hot in mid day as you have to leave the footwear before walking up. Enjoy the view of landscape from the top. Have darshan of Sri Vallaba Ganapati Swamy, Sri Chaturmukhalingeshwara Swmay and Goddess Sri Jagadambe inside the Cave temple.

Cobble stone pathway to cave temple at Kailasagiri

The cave temple

2 PM – Drive back to Kaiwara. You can have lunch in Kaiwara town.

3.15 PM – Depart for Bangalore.

Travel tips

  1. This is a comfortable one day trip from Bangalore. Kaiwara & Kailasagiri is best visited after rains and in winters when temperatures are comfortable.
  2. The timings given here is for driving in your own car/taxi or a bike. These are tentative. You may spend more or less time depending upon your interest.
  3. Wear a good shoe and cap. It is helpful when you climb the hills.
  4. Carry water with you especially when you climb Bheema Bakasura betta and Kailasagiri. The climb to Bheema Bakasura betta is over 500 steps. Do it if you have energy and fitness. Carry a pair of socks. You will be needing it when you climb to cave temples in Kailasagiri as you have to leave footwear and climb.
  5. The place gives good opportunity to click nice pictures. Carry a good camera.
  6. The rural roads are great for cycling as well. If you are fond of cycling, then carry it along.
  7. Lunch can be had in restaurants/dhabhas around Kaiwara. Another good choice for lunch is GK Hill View resort which is at a distance of 4 KMs from Kaiwara which has a good restaurant. You may call this number for more details – 90713 96664
  8. Those who have energy may also explore Ambaji Durga near to Kailasa Giri. This is a small hill with a fort housing small temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Hanuman. The view from the top is lovely. Not may visit this. May not be suitable for families.

Thank you

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