17 Travel Ideas for 2017!

Travel ideas or vacation ideas for 2017?

Yes. Before that we wish you all a very happy and fabulous 2017 once again. May this new year see more travel, more exploration and interesting experiences…….

Having sad thus, we thought of sharing some of our travel ideas or vacation ideas on what one can do in 2017. These are something we love to do it or have done it. We know you would love to do them as well.

Here is a list of travel ideas for the new year. 17 for 2017! They are not in any order and we feel doing anything listed here will definitely enhance the travel experience in this year.

1 Get Arty!

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Street murals at Kochi

Yes, we urge you to start the new year with some artistic touch! Kochi Muzuris Biennale is going on from December 2016 and will be on till March 2017. This is the best time to explore Kochi with vibrant artistic atmosphere all around. In Bangalore don’t miss Chitra Santhe which happens in the last sunday of January. Then in February be at Jaipur to soak in the atmosphere of vibrant colours, books and discussions in Jaipur Literary festival.

2 Go for a trek in the Himalayas

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Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

It is sublime. It is humbling. It is meditative. It is an out of the world experience. It is just beautiful. Go for a long trek in the Himalayas either in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh or Sikkim. There are many good agencies who are organising these treks. Choose one as soon as the summer starts. You will not regret it. Be it Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand or Markha valley in Ladakh or Triund in Dharamshala, we loved them doing it!

3 Hit the road!


Being road trippers we ask you go on road trips even at the cost of repeating it again. Roads in India are getting better and better. Road trips are meditative in a different way. Go for one. Drive yourself. Do it at your own pace. We bet you will get hooked! We have many posts to help you go for road trips. Here are few you can check it out.

4 Road Trips in India you should do this winter!

Road trips from Bangalore – Exciting options with itineraries! 

15 Spectacular River Road Trips in India you should do once!

12 Monsoon Road Trips in Western Ghats to get mesmerised!

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4 Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Vithala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka

India is unique. No other country in the world can boast a heritage like we do. Spread over 5000 years, it is time we take pride in our heritage. It is time to visit any of the UNESCO World heritage sites in India from this list by Archeological Survey of India.

5 Beer tour

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Choice of beer in one of the pubs in Bangalore!

Yes. Come to Bangalore and go on a beer tour. Experience crafted beer in some of the lovely micro breweries in the city. Here is a list from us Windmills CraftworksBig BrewskyBrewskyToitArborBig Pitcher,  Biere Club,  3 Monkeys,  Biere Street,  Punjabi by NatureVapourEuphoriaDistrict 6,  ProstBarleyzMurphy’s

6 Winery tours

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Yes, get an opportunity to taste different wines!

If you are not a beer person – who isn’t – then why not try a wine tours in Nashik and Grover Zampa and Heritage in Bangalore. It is an experience to learn about wine making and taste different wines.

7 Visit an unexplored wild life sanctuary

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Jia bhoroli river in Nameri national park

There are some national parks which many don’t visit but are awesome. Nameri for example. Nestled in Arunachal pradesh, it is a birders paradise and if one is lucky can spot a tiger as well. Same goes with Manas or Sunderbans or Melghat or Bhadra or Simlipal or Namdapaha. Try out one of them this year.

8 Go on treks in the hills

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Kumara Parvata or KP as known among trekkers.

If Himalayan trek is daunting for you, why not try out treks in hills close by? Western ghats offer excellent trekking opportunities across the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra and Goa. There are some excellent agencies who are conducting these treks. A trek in the hills is rejuvenating. Here is a list for treks in Karnataka.

Five lovely Treks in Karnataka!

9 Visit Neighbouring countries

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The famous light house at Galle, Sri Lanka

You don’t have to spend a fortune to come back with happiness! Our neighbours have a lot in common. Easy life style. Fabulous mountains. Fantastic beaches. Rich heritage. And of course great food! Go and get immersed. If you can get get a visa to Pakistan, don’t miss it.

10 Binge in the food streets

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Thandai shop in Varanasi

We love local food wherever we travel. Food streets are the places where you get some best stuff to eat. You should explore India’s food streets. It is a microcosm of Indian culture and Indians live by their food! Check these out here

12 Food streets in India you SHOULD explore!

11 Attend a festival in rural India

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Naga tribes at the festival

Whether it is a famed Pushkar festival in Rajasthan or colourful Hornbill festival in Nagaland or Pandharpur Wari in Maharsahtra try to attend a village festival this year. The colours, the smell, the people will mesmerise you.

12 Experience Indian Monsoon


Monsoon is India’s lifeline. The time when it gets rejuvenated. When green is the colour. Experience the rains. Go for monsoon treks in Sahyadris and Western Ghats. If you don’t want your boots to get muddy, then drive around or take a train to see the splendour! Check out this list…

Experiencing monsoon in India – A complete list!

13 Get adventurous

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Both of us under sea in Netrani!

Try something adventurous this year. Jump into the sea in Goa or Andamans or Lakshadweep and experience the joy of Scuba diving. Surf in the azure waters of Kodi Bengere on the west coast or Manapad and Pondicherry on the east coast.

Or do a moon light kayaking on a river in Goa. Go for river rafting in Rishikesh or Dandeli or Kolad. Climb rocks in Hampi or Badami. Try Para gliding in Bir Billing in Dharamshala. or try biking in Rajasthan desert in winter (keep looking for details in this website).

Run marathons – half or full – along the rivers Mandovi in Goa or Cauveri in Mysore or in high mountains of Ladakh. Try the ultimate ultra run in the Himalayas – The Hell race – in June. We did it last year!

14 Stay in a Homestay

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The charming “Bananki Homestay” in Malnad (Tirthahalli) in Karnataka

Forget luxury resorts once. Try and stay in some lovely home-stays in Karnataka, Kerala, Konkan, Ladakh, Spiti, Arunachal Pradesh or Meghalaya. We love staying in them. It is informal. You will get closer to the people and their culture. It comes with some excellent local food.

15. Go North East

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Tawang monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

It is still unexplored. It is time to check out the beauty of seven states in North East – seven sisters as they are known. From spectacular mountains in Sikkim and Arunachal to lovely island village of Majuli to world’s only national park for one horned Rhinos in Kaziranga to get mesmerised in Cherrapunji. And of-course to interact the most simple people you will ever come across in the country. Head North east.

16 Check out new beaches 

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Kapu beach in Karnataka

Goa is always good. We love going there once a year as a pilgrimage! Why not look for new ones every year? Check these lovely and unspoilt beaches in the country.

6 Unexplored Beaches in South India to visit this Winter!

Five lovely beaches in India to visit before summer !

17 Explore Chhattisgarh charms

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Weekly tribal markets in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is Raw. Chhattisgarh is charming. Chhattisgarh is an experience. It is not a sight-seeing trip you do in Chhattisgarh. It is an experience you will cherish forever. Of living simple. Of being appreciative of nature. Be it the tribal markets and its vibrancy or spectacular nature or lovely waterfalls or forgotten heritage. It has it all. Go before it get crowded.

Check out Chhattisgarh Chronicles – A eight part series on our travels in the tribal land!

These were the few travel ideas for 2017 for you to work on. Enough for one year! Plan, travel and explore!

You may have some more travel ideas as well. Please do share it with us.

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