Bangalore Flower Market – A Photowalk on a Chilly Morning!

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The Bangalore flower market is a riot of colours. How does one feel getting lost amidst colourful flowers early in the morning? That is exactly what happened to us few years back.
It was first week of December in 2011. The winter in Bangalore had already set in. Rain in the previous week had brought the temperature further down. Over the weekend, we were attending a photography workshop.

On day one, we learnt the basics and experimented with the camera clicking some lovely pictures of sunset. The next day was to be the field work. We were to visit the Bangalore flower market in K R Market or City market as it is popularly known for a photowalk.

The instruction was to assemble at “Town Hall” at 6.15 AM. This meant us getting up early on a cold morning. We were excited as we had never been to the flower market before.
We got up at 5 and drove in darkness to reach “Town Hall”. Our instructor Kshitij was there in time. We were a group of ten budding photographers. After a customary briefing, we followed Kshitij as we walked towards the flower market.
Ten minutes of walk in chilly morning, we were near the Jumma Masjid. This is the start point of the flower market. We could see the crowds and colours from the distance.
As we moved closer, the chaos of vehicles, humans and carts were all there for us to see. We could see some sellers ready with their produce and had set up their stalls. Some farmers were still trickling in with their produce. Some buyers were already haggling for prices with sellers.
The tea sellers on their bicycle were also having a roaring business. We also sipped a cup and started our photo-walk. We were all given independence to walk around and click pictures the way we wanted – portraits, macro, street scenes…….
This was what we clicked during our photowalk. Click on the pictures to see them in larger size.
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Farm fresh Gladioli welcoming us…..
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
A seller arranging Gerbera bunches……..
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
All concentration……a buyer inspecting the freshness….
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Yes…..i got what i wanted!!
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Array of flowers – Chrysanthemum, Tube rose, Sweet Allyssium, Gerberas of different hues…..
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Perfect pose……..A seller in good mood!
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Counting the money after the purchase
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Roses, Roses, Roses…..
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Contemplation…..Will i get right price for my ware?
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Flower garlands for sale…..
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Riot of colours!
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
How will be my day?
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Worried looks……I need to sell all of these……
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Some purchased. More to come……
Bangalore Flower Market, K R Market
Chrysanthemum and Marigold garlands……and its variants
When we finished, we felt as if we had just come out of a garden of flowers, riot of colours. Yes, there was chaos, crowd, dirt and all that. But on top of all that there was boundless energy. Best sales skills on display. Ability to negotiate a bargain. A hope for betterment. An expectation of making some profit. That is Bangalore Flower Market for you!
A morning well spent. Colourful memories canned!
Tips for Photowalk
a) Plan a visit on one of the weekends. The market will be open around 5 AM much before dawn. It will remain active till 8 AM. Take your kids along. They will love it.
b) This is a photographer’s paradise. You have opportunity to click lovely portraits, long shots or macro. Many regulars in the market are accustomed to photographers and are willing to pose for you!
c) If you are a flower lover like us, pick up few bunches of Gerbera or chrysanthemums. They are much cheaper than what you get in retail stores.
d) Don’t worry about the chaos, dirt. Indian markets are like that. They are also full of energy.
e) Make sure you keep your wallets and other valuables safe when you walk on these streets.
f) If you are coming in a car, it is advisable to park it near Town Hall and walk down to the market. If driving a two wheeler, you can go closer.
g) Winters though cold, are the best time to visit the market. The flower varieties are more. Cover yourself with light woollens

h) Mornings in winter in Bangalore will be chilly. Cover yourself with a pull over or wind cheater.

i) If you want to get a feel of what Bangalore is all about, come here. It is one of the “places to visit in Bangalore”!

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We were there in the Flower Market last week. It was an experience in itself. Some more pictures here…..

Bangalore Flower Market

Bangalore Flower Market

Bangalore Flower Market

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