Sankranti in Telengana | Riot of Colourful Rangoli!

Last updated on January 17th, 2024 at 10:40 am

Telengana, the new state in India is an interesting place.

We have been to many places in the undivided Andhra Pradesh earlier too. Hyderabad has been visited multiple times.

During Sankranti holidays, we thought of driving to Hyderabad and then do a short road trip across Telengana. The idea was to go to Bhadrachalam. We also clubbed Warangal and Nagarjuna Sagar with it. Our friend Venu and Bhavani also joined us. Being holiday, we were able to get out of city quickly and we were soon on the excellent highway. At Bhuvanagiri town we stopped over for a cup of tea and also picked up some colourful kites to fly them.

We left Bhuvanagiri and were driving on the highway. Suddenly we noticed slow-moving traffic and could not figure out the reason for it. The two lane road had been turned into single lane. We thought there must be some road repairs going on the other side of the road. Poorna asked us to look out. What we saw made us so happy!

Teams of ladies were drawing Rangoli on the road. These were big, elaborate and colourful. We parked the car and got down. We went closer and Venu who could speak Telugu spoke to the ladies what it was all about. We came to know that it was a rangoli competition in the village on the occasion of Sankranti! That was fantastic. We could see high levels of energy among the girls who wanted to prove that they were the best. In the bargain we were able to witness riot of colours and patterns! They were works of art! They looked so beautiful we walked along the road to appreciate the skills of the girls who had drawn it. Let us stop writing more on this. Let these visuals show you what we saw.


The colourful road……


The girls focussed on their job….


Lovely colours and patterns!!!









Brinda trying her hand with Rangoli with Bhavani by her side…..


The girls were very happy seeing us. We spoke to them and took some pictures with them as well. It was an enriching experience to appreciate the diversity in this country. Next year, we plan to go to Tamil Nadu where Pongal is celebrated big time with “Kolam” in front of every home!

Have you come across any experience like this? Please do share it with us.

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