5 Offbeat Things to do in Goa in Monsoon!

Things to do in Goa? If you ever google this, you will find scores of answers. Okay, if you are looking for another list of beach hopping, shack hopping etc in this post, you will be disappointed. We are now telling you 5 things to do in Goa which are offbeat to increase your monsoon experience of the lovely place.

Goa in monsoon? We can see you smirking at this idea. Unfortunately, Goa has been marketed like that. Of course Goa is nice in winters. But it is beautiful when it rains too. No crowds on the beach. No shacks crowding the beaches. Pristine beaches regaining their glory. Greenery all around. Goa in rains has its own charms. Check out these 5 offbeat things and you hope you will come back with nice memories……

1 Sit and watch the sky and sea

Things to do in Goa

When it rains…..Beaches are clean. beaches are empty. Beaches are lovely. Sit there. This is monsoon and it is all between you, sea and sky. Watch the clouds kissing the sea. Enjoy when clouds open up and drench the land. Get drenched. Get wet. Wet is beautiful when it rains in Goa! All beaches are fine. Our favourites – Varca/Cavallosim in South Goa and Morjim in North Goa.

2 Climb a fort

Things to do in Goa in Monsoon

Oh yes. Goa has some lovely forts built by Portuguese. Look beyond Aguada fort. Remember the movie “Dil Chahta Hai’?  Climb Chapora Fort to see beautiful vistas of Vagator. Stand on the top of the Fort Reis Magos to enjoy the panoramic view of Panaji. Go south. Cabo de Rama is a lovely fort overlooking Arabian sea. Be there when the clouds pass over you. The steps will be slippery. Make sure you have a nice shoe to grip. Carry a stick and a poncho. Enjoy the monsoon scene.

3 Take train to Dudhsagar Falls

Things to do in Goa

We would have asked you to trek. Unfortunately it is banned. Trekking in rain over railway track to Dudhsagar falls is an unforgettable experience. Don’t worry. Catch any train from Goa going to South India or Western India going via Castle Rock – Londa. Get in and enjoy the ride. This is one of finest monsoon train journeys in India. When train goes under cascade of waterfalls. When you are suddenly surprised by lovely waterfalls on the sides. Then the grand finale. Dudhsagar Falls. It is big and beautiful.

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Dudhsagar Falls – Rain Trek on Railway track!

Dudhsagar Falls – Spectacularly Beautiful!

4 Bicycle around in rural Goa

things to do in Goa

You must be thinking we are crazy. Yes, we are. Rural Goa in rains is just bliss. The roads in Goa are always in great condition. Best for cyclists or bikers. Enjoy the rain. Leisurely. Drop into any Goan house and have a sip of Feni. It is lovely.

5 Drive up the Ghats

Things to do in Goa

We have done this and we highly recommend that you take out your car/bike and drive up the ghats. Wherever you are, when it rains, you should drive up any of the ghats around Goa – Amboli, Anmod or Chorla. It is spectacular to drive on misty roads under cascades of water on Amboli with a grand bonus of seeing beautiful Amboli Falls or the lovely valleys of Anmod ghat and Chorla Ghat with small little cascades along the road. Drive up to the tallest point and return back to your place of stay in Goa. You will not regret it.

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Few more things to do in Goa while you go there in monsoon………

Eat and Drink – Goa is a foodies paradise. Go to some iconic restaurants in Goa for your fish and rice or Sarpotels or Xacutis. Of course, don’t miss your Kingfishers or Fenis!!

Play Soccer – With kids in villages. In rain. Get dirty. Live your childhood, again!

Visit Dona Paula – Dona Paula in Rainy season, is a beautiful place to watch big waves splashing against the boulders

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