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Last updated on June 17th, 2019 at 01:38 pm

Shivaratri is round the corner.

We were taking a count of number of Jyotirlingas we have visited. Surprisingly we are only left with four of them. In Maharashtra, Gujarat and Jharkhand!

The interesting part of Jyotirlinga visits is that each one is a different experience . The common factor being Lord Shiva of course!

From Sea shores of Somnath and Rameshwaram to the mighty Himalayas of Kedarnath to sacred rivers of Ganga, Godavari and Narmada to deep forests, Lord Shiva is there everywhere!

But the “Shiva experience” is always great. He is the common man’s god! Isn’t he?  No restrictions whatsoever and everyone is welcome!

There are many beautiful Shiva temples other than Jyotirlingas. Some of the abodes of Shiva are just as fascinating as Jyotirlingas themselves. Gokarna, Murudeshwar, Bhojpur, Thanjavur for example……

On the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri, here is a list of Shiva stories you can read on travel twosome. Please click on the title to access the story.

Brihadeeshwara temple, Thanjavur – Big & Beautiful and Divine


One of the grandest temples in the country.  A UNESCO World heritage site, this Chola architectural wonder has to be seen to be believed. The temple houses second tallest Shivalinga in the world!

Bhojpur – Temple with Tallest Shiva Linga in the world!


Yes, this is it! This is the tallest Shiva Linga in the world inside a sanctum sanctorum. The tallest free-standing Shiva Linga is at Kotilingeshwara near Bangalore. The temple is awesome and you get stunned by this Shiva Linga located on the banks of Betwa near Bhopal.

Tale of tallest Shivas!


The second tallest and third tallest Shiva statues in the world are in India. Here is a glimpse of them.

Maheshwar – A quiet abode of Shiva on Narmada


It can’t get quieter than this. A serene and beautiful temple on the quiet flowing Narmada in Madhya Pradesh.

Varanasi – Of labyrinths and Lassis! 


Lord Vishvanath lords over Varanasi! He is venerated in one of the oldest continuously living cities in the world. Walking through the narrow lanes for his darshan is an experience in itself!

In fact, we haven’t written posts on our visits to Omkareshwar, Kedarnath, Ujjain, Somnath, Rameshwaram. Time for us to start!

Best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri. May Lord Mahadeva shower his blessings on one and all!

What has been your Shiva experience? Please let us know.

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