5 Things to do in India in February 2020!

At the start of 2020, we published a list of 20 Experiences you can get in 2020. This time around we want to highlight 5 travel experiences for each month in this monthly series. As a itinerant traveller these are 5 interesting things to do in India in February for you!

1 Get Spiritual on Maha Shivaratri 

Things to do in India in February

Dashashwamedha Ghat, Varanasi

February is the month of Lord Shiva. This is the first on our list of things to do in India in February!

Maha Shivratri is celebrated on 21 February 2020 with lot of religious fervour across the country. But if you want to really experience what this means, then head either to Ujjain or Varanasi. Two best places to experience Maha Shivratri in 2020. Have a bhang thandai and sing bhajans through the night in praise of Baba Bholenath!

Please check out our Varanasi archives – (series of 7 posts) – Varanasi – A Once in a life time experience!

2 Explore pristine beaches on a Beach Trek

Things to do in India in February

Om beach, Gokarna

Last chance for doing the beach trek before the start of summer. You can do multi day trek or just do a day trek. The stretch from Gokarana to Byndoor in Coastal Karnataka is best for the trek. You will see pritine and unexplored beaches like Half Moon beach, Paradise beach, Long beach etc……

Check out all details here – Beach Trek Bonanza – 4 Beach Treks in Karnataka not to miss

3 Visit Taj Mahal on a Full Moon day

Taj Mahal – We were there in Sep 2019

Anyone who have visited Taj Mahal will come back wowed! It is such a sight to behold. The Taj is best viewed on Full moon day and it is a surreal experience. The February weather is perfect and fog will be less. Make some time to go to Agra and experience Taj like never before!

Check out all details about tickets etc here – https://www.tajmahal.gov.in/night-view.aspx

4 Go on Tiger Trail

Things to do in India in February

Tiger in Ranthambore. See the link below for details

Seeing a tiger in wild is hair-rising experience. It comes with lot of excitement. Whether it is Ranthambore or Kabini or Bandipur or Pench or Tadoba or BR Hills this is the best time to check out the wild cat.

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5 Get rural in Surajkund Mela

Are you fed up of visiting malls on the weekends? Then we recommend that you should head to Surajkund for the annual mela there. We bet you wont be disappointed and will be rich with experience.

Check out all details here – Surajkund Mela – Timings, ticket and other details

This is the new series we are starting from this month. We will give you a list of what we think are five nice travel experiences you can get in India in the  coming month.

We welcome any other suggestions for February. Please reply back in the comments section. We look forward to hearing from you.

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