8 Exciting Things to do in 2018 in India!

As we say Good bye to 2017 and embark upon new journeys in 2018, here are 8 exciting things to do in 2018. In 2017, we asked you to try out 17 interesting things. This year, we ask you to check out these interesting things to do in 2018.

Before we start, we wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2018. May you have loads of fun and travel more in 2018!

1 Bicycle Safari in Thar Desert, Rajasthan

Things to do in 2018 in India

A batch mate of Poorna did it last year and he is still raving about it. We are sure it must be fun. Conducted during winter in and around Jaislamer, the bike safari is a week’s engagement. Conducted by Youth Hostel Association – we are sure there are some private agencies doing this as well – this is “all included” safari for 7 days. Everyday you cycle around 50 plus kilometres through the desert and then stay in tents in the desert.You will get a chance to meet nomads and their habitat. Isn’t this lovely?

2 Moonlight cruise in Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Things to do in 2018 in India

We say Bhedaghat is beautiful any time of the day. The marble canyon carved by Narmada river near Jabalpur is one of its kind in the world. But the beauty of the canyon is enhanced when the moonlight falls over the shining marble rocks! A cruise in the canyon is an out of the world experience. Want to know more about Bhedaghat? Please click the link below

Bhedaghat – Boating in Marble Canyons! 

3 Moonlight Kayaking in Goa

Things to do in 2018 in India

If it is a cruise in Moonlight on Narmada, we are now talking about doing some Kayaking on a full moon day. On Zuari river in Goa. Yes, it is fun. The Zuari river is one of the largest in Goa and kayaking over its calm waters is a pleasurable experience indeed.

Prakash and his team in Goa Kayaking ensures that you have a memorable experience. Check their website here for details – http://www.goakayaking.com/

4 Para Gliding in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Things to do in 2018 in India

Anyone who is into adventure sports know about Bir Billing. This lovely place near Dharamshala is the foremost destination for hard-core para gliding. It is a great place even for novices to experience the joys of Para Gliding. When you go up in the sky and watch the lovely landscape around, you will forget where you are!

Check out all details here – Birbilling Paragliding Association

5 Hell race on Manali – Leh highway

Things to do in 2018 in India

Did we say “Hell Race”? Yes, we did this in the first edition in 2015 and it was mind blowing experience. Where can you ever get a chance to run over five high altitude passes in five days? Yes, it is tough – that’s why the name ” Hell race” – but that should not deter you attempting the next edition in June 2017.

Vishwas Sindhu, Nupur Singh and team have been conducting this for last two years and they do this with lot of passion.

All details here – The Great Himalayan Running festival

6 Hot air ballooning in Arakku valley, Andhra Pradesh

Things to do in 2018 in India

We had not heard of this till we saw a lovely photo feature in Hindu the other day. November is the time to go to Arakku valley the lovely hills near Vishakhapatnam in the eastern Ghats. It is the time for Niger flowers and the landscape here is yellow. When you go up in the air and see down below, you will be amazed to see the undulating valley with yellow patches all around. It is just too good to miss.

Some more lovely pictures here – Balloon festival in Arakku

7 Stay in a home stay in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Things to do in 2018 in India

We did this in 2015. It was a fantastic experience. To travel to Spiti is an experience of life time. You will be driving on the most treacherous road in the world. Viewing some spectacular Himalayan landscape. When you travel to Spiti it is best to stay in a home stay and live a life of a local .  At least for few days! These are the most friendliest people you can ever come across. Spiti Ecospehere, An NGO working in Spiti Valley have been pioneers in this concept.

Check out all details here – Spiti Ecosphere

8 Do a river road trip

Things to do in 2018 in India

River road trip? What is it? This is the new phrase we coined. A road trip along the course of a river. They are fantastic. One of our most memorable drive along the river was in Ladakh when we drove along Indus marvelling at the colours of landscape, culture, the river itself as it flowed from India to Pakistan. Other road trips we loved was along Ganga in Uattarakhand while going to Badrinath and along Beas on the way to Manali from Chandigarh. Check out this list of 15 River Road Trips you can do in India.

Check out all details here – 15 Spectacular River Road Trips in India

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