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Food Safari – Momos in Mirik!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:36 pm

It was a chilly and cloudy morning when we reached Mirik. Having left Siliguri early in the morning after sipping a cup of tea, we were hungry when we reached this cute little hill station on the way to Darjeeling. A row of stalls selling hot momos, noodles etc beckoned us.

We are not really fond of momos. Poorna keep saying that it is nothing but a version of our own recipe “Kucchida Kadabu”. Since we always believe in eating local cuisine on our travel, we decided to try out Momos for breakfast.

The steaming momos were inviting and Gurkha lady manning the stall invited us to taste the hot momos. Being veggies, we asked her to give us a plate of veg momos. One bite and we fell in love with it. Hot momos with red chilli chutney was yummy. It had never tasted better. These were definitely better than the ones we had tasted in some of the famed restaurants in Bangalore. After eating to our hearts full, we watered down by a hot cup of tea.
Brinda with a plate of Momos

Then there were big ones as well. We asked the lady what was that. She said that it is the large size momo. This is the standard breakfast in the hills.

Savour these momos when you to Darjeeling or Mirik or Gangtok. They are better than the ones served in the famed restaurants in our cities!

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