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Paranthe Wali Gali – Much More than Paranthas!

Paranthe Wali Gali and its surroundings in Old Delhi area famous for Indian food.

We love to eat local food whenever we travel. Eating local cuisine is definitely a part of our travel experience and we love every bit of it. Whether it is Momos in Mirik or Poha Jalebi in Bhopal for breakfast or learning few buttering lessons at our regular adda for Butter Masala Dosa in Davanagere, we always relish it. Poorna, having been in the Indian Army had been talking about the famous Paranthe Wali Gali in Old Delhi. But somehow it never materialised whenever we happened to pass through Delhi.

It was on our way back from the trek to Valley of Flowers that we got a chance to explore the place. We had half a day to spare in Delhi. This time we made it a point to walk through the food streets in Old Delhi famously known as Paranthe wali Gali. We realised it is much more than Paranthas! It is a treat to your taste buds!

Reaching Chandni Chowk is a tough exercise. The best option is to catch the metro and get down at Chandni Chowk station and explore. We had hired a taxi and got down at the entrance of Chandni Chowk and started walking. We had already made a list of what we should do in few hours we had.

a) Paranthas @ Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan Paranthewale

b) Rabri Falooda @ Gianis

c) Jalebi @ Old famous Jalebiwala

d) Panneer Pakoda @ Chaina Ram

e) Kulfi @ Mahaveer Prasad

So, we started our gastronomic journey with hot Jalebis! You can not miss the orange and black electronic sign board of Old famous Jalebiwala.

Paranthe wali gali

The Jalebiwala…..the start point!

The mawa jalebis here are to die for. We had to be careful not to eat many as we had more places to go around. It is a perfect start as we savour the syrupy jalebis from one of the best in the country.

Paranthe wali gali

Yummy Jalebis!!

We spoke to Kailash Chand, the present owner who said the place was almost a hundred years old was started by his father. Cooked on coal fire, he says that they use cane sugar for syrup. Of course, the recipe is kept as a family secret! We thank him and move to our next stop.

We enter Paranthe wali Gali. We are now in Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan Paranthewale shop.

Paranthe wali gali

Buzzing Paranthe wali gali…..

Paranthe wali gali

Panditjis Parantha shop!!

Paranthe wali gali

Ready to eat….Notice the pictures on the wall!

One of the oldest and established in 1876. An array of Parathas are on the menu and we order Gobi and Panneer paratha. The Paratha is delivered and it is crispy outside and soft inside! We watch the ustad making them. He first roasts it on Tawa and then dips it in hot ghee and then serves it on our table! The aroma of the place is inviting. All paranthas are served with Mint-Pudina Chutney, Imli-Khela Chutney, vegetable pickle and Aloo Subzi. We were tempted to try malai wali lassi but hold back ourselves.

Walking along the road we could see biscuits being baked on hot tawas. Then there were Pav Bhaji stalls. It reminded us of the food street in Indore which come alive every night at Sarafa Bazar.

Paranthe wali gali


Paranthe wali gali

Pav Bhaji? Aloo Tikki?

Our next stop was at Gianis. Another iconic place for anyone who relish sinful Rabri Falooda! It is sinful indeed. Thick and tasty. We had to struggle to finish a glass of it.

Paranthe wali gali

Iconic Giani’s

Paranthe wali gali

Notice the Rabri Falooda… and sinful!

After the sweet rabri falooda, we wanted to savour something spicy. Our natural choice for next stop was at Chaina Ram famous for Panneer pakodas, Karachi halwa and host of other stuff.

Paranthe wali gali

Chaina ram. One of the oldest eateries and sweet shop

We ordered Panner pakoda which was served hot. Slices of panneer tucked in besan flour and served with chutney, it was a refreshing change for our taste buds. We packed some Karachi halwa for the road!

On the way we could see the shops selling fresh panneer.

Paranthe wali gali

Fresh Paneer…..

We were now feeling full but did not want to end our walk without stepping into Kuremal Mahavir Parasd Kulfiwale for best Kulfi in the city.

Paranthe wali gali

Legendary Kulfiwale…..

You will be spoilt for choice here. But we settled for Anjeer Kulfi and finished with Pan Kulfi! It was heavenly! There were so many options and we regret we could not do justice to them. We should come back another day only to savour all the kulfis in this place!

Paranthe wali gali

Pan Kulfi!

There were many places to explore but we had to catch our flight back to Bangalore. Being vegetarians we could only explore the vegetarian joints. Chandni Chowk and surroundings are great for meat lovers as well.

So Paranthe Wali Gali is more than Paranthas. Do you agree?

When you are in Delhi next time, take a few hours at least to treat your taste buds in Paranthe Wali Gali and surroundings.

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We bet, you won’t regret it!

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