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Masala Dosa on Highway | Stop, Eat & Go!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Masala Dosa on the highway? Are you amused with the title of this post?

How many times have you driven out in search of good food? Not in the city but on the highway. May be an excellent parota or a Idli/Sambhar or for a Masala Dosa…..

We have done that and eventually it happens to be for a crispy masala dosa & coffee. We were recollecting which are the places you can get to taste some of the best Dosa on the highway. Be it Khali dosa or Masala Dosa or an Onion Dosa. Living in Bangalore and being road-trippers and lovers of good food, we could list out few iconic places where you can get excellent dosa on the roadside. Mind you, we are not talking about places inside the town off the highway where one can definitely get good dosa. What we are talking here is good dosa you get on the highway. Yes, dot on the highway! Here is our list…..

Swathi Delicacy, Before Yediyur, NH 48, Bangalore – Mangalore highway

Masala Dosa

This was a new discovery last week. We don’t know how we missed eating it all these days as we normally go here for the best filter coffee on the highway anywhere in India or sometimes excellent lunch. When we ordered Masala Dosa, we were greeted by a crisp dosa with a smearing of Chutney pudi and excellent Potato/onion masala inside! Poorna being very fussy with the Masala dosa, couldn’t help ordering the second one!

Preethi Canteen, Birur, NH 206, Bangalore – Honnavar Highway

Masala Dosa

We have only one crib on this place. It is closed between 12.30 PM to 4.30 PM. How many times have we missed an opportunity to eat here. Or, let us put it this way. How many times have we planned our journey to Tirthahalli/Shimoga based on the opening timings of this lovely place. Yes, if we are driving on NH 206, we have to stop in front of this small little hotel for “Butter Khali Masale Dosa”. This is unique. You get two crispy dosa made of butter with Masala and Chutney separately. There is no smearing of “Chutney pudi” etc inside the dosa. The aroma of dosa hits you and we invariably end up eating more than one plate of dosa here!

Vasu Hotel, Kanakapura, NH 209, Bangalore – Coimbatore Highway

Masala dosa

You will not miss the big board when you enter Kanakapura. Situated on the main thoroughfare of the city which also happens to be the highway, this is an old timers delight. A self-service restaurant, people stopover here for Masala Dosa. Poorna was chatting with the manager the other day and found out that the place is in existence for last sixty years. Started by a person from Kunadapur near Udupi, this hotel has been iconic place for the dosa.

MTR, Kanakapura Road, Immediately after Art of Living Ashram, NH 209, Bangalore – Coimbatore Highway

Masala dosa

The iconic MTR of Bangalore has a branch on the Kanakapura highway which is a boon for people like us. The quality of dosa is as good as you get in the main joint and it wont disappoint. Order for hot dosa and eat it with dollops of desi ghee and wash it down with excellent filter coffee when ever you travel on this highway!

Saravana Bhavan, Krishnagiri,(Opposite boat club) NH 7, Bangalore – Kanyakumari Highway 

 Masala dosa

We stop here normally for breakfast whenever we drive down south. For breakfast, we normally eat Pongal and Dosa. The typical Masala Dosa of Tamilnadu is different from the one made in Karnataka. It is thin and paper like. Order for it if you like thin paper dosa.  Our dosa favourite here is excellent Onion Uthhappam or Rava Dosa. Can’t miss it!

Shark Food Court, After Solur, NH 48, Bangalore – Mangalore Highway

Masala Dosa

Another gem of a place. This is no-nonsense place in open garden. We stop at Shark for Thatte idlis which are the best in business. But we always end up with eating a Masala Dosa as well! The dosa is crispy and tasty. The combination of red and green chutney go well with the dosa served here. It does not have the buttery feel of “Preethi canteen” of the “Chutney Pudi” filling of Swathi. But that is made up by tasty dosa and spicy chutney!

Shivalli Tiffin Room, Between Channapatna and Maddur, Bangalore – Mysore Highway

Masala Dosa

Started by someone who had worked in MTR, the taste and quality of the stuff dished out here is taken for granted. But Masala dosa is something you should savour when you are travelling from Bangalore to Mysore. Though many restaurants have mushroomed on this highway, this continues to be our favourite.

This was our list. What has been your choice? If you have liked any restaurant on the highway which serve tasty dosas, add it to the list here!

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