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Athirapally Falls is Lovely | Explore with this Easy Guide!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Athirapally falls in Kerala is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. We provide all details here to explore it.

Do you remember the lovely song “Nannare Nannare” from the movie “Guru” starring Aishwarya Rai? Did you wonder where was this wonderful waterfall ? Welcome to Athirapally waterfalls.

After exploring lovely Munnar in monsoon, our next stop was at Athirapally falls on the way to Valparai. The drive from Munnar to Athirapally was a fascinating experience. The resort where we stayed was in interior Munnar and the drive from there to the highway in the rain was a pleasant experience. Once we hit the highway, we were surprised to see an excellent tarmac. The winding road is charming with greenery all around. Being rainy season, we were greeted by small streams jumping over the rocks making eye-catching waterfalls. We were also fortunate to see three big and beautiful waterfalls too.

After a quick stopover at Kaladi to visit the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya, we continued our drive to Athirapally Falls. This is a very popular tourist place in Kerala and we could see that as we came closer. Numerous resorts, restaurants heralded that we are closer to the waterfalls. The beauty of this waterfalls is that you can not make out of it till you come closer! Poorna just stopped the car when he saw a glimpse of it. We all got down and it looked big and beautiful. Poorna used his zoom lens to capture it. Please click on the pictures to see them in larger size.

Athirapally falls

The first glimpse of the spectacle……The setting of the falls in the middle of a virgin forest is a sight to behold!

We parked our car. There were hundreds of cars already. All of them parked neatly. This is the best-managed waterfall in the country! Other states in the country should learn how to manage a place like this. The Kerala Forest Department has done a wonderful job. There are people to regulate parking – which becomes a pain on weekends – who do a good job. Then you enter the well planned place after buying a ticket. A nice pathway leads you to the top of the waterfalls. There is a lot of space here for people to sit,  spend time leisurely and enjoy the spectacle. This is a “No Plastic zone” and it is not lip service. It is enforced strictly. Fortunately, the visitors – majority of them Keralites – respect it and keep the place clean.

Athirapally falls

The board at the entrance. The forest department have done a wonderful job here.

We walked to the top of the falls and what a fascinating sight it was! let the pictures tell the tale!

Athirapally falls

the first sight of turbulent Chalakudy river…..

Athirapally falls

…..And the spectacle! Isn’t this beautiful???

After spending some time there, we saw people going down a pathway. All the way down to the bottom of the waterfalls. We follwoed suit. It is a nice hike in the forest. Though the forest department have made pebbled pathway, we had to be careful as it was slippery due to rain. It started pouring mid way. Fortunately we had carried our umbrellas. We reached the bottom of the waterfalls. The water level was high and the spray of mist made us all wet. We had to wait for the mist cover to clear to get a glimpse of the falls. When it lifted, we were greeted to a natural spectacle!

Athirapally falls

A nice pebbled pathway to the bottom of the falls. Winding through thick forest. Nice small trek!

Athirapally falls

A glimpse of the falls through canopy of trees…..

Athirapally falls

We are welcomed by another spectacle at the bottom of the falls. The volume of water flowing down was mind-blowing.

Athirapally falls

It started raining and it was misty. The droplets of water from the falls was hitting our face. It was fun!


Athirapally falls

You can see the mist raising from the bottom of the falls even as Chalakkudy river quietly flow away…..

Athirapally along with Chitrakote and Gokak falls can be called as Niagara falls of India. It is possibly widest waterfalls in the country. Go now in monsoon when it is awesomely beautiful!

Travel Information
Getting there

By Air – Nearest airport is Kochi airport. The distance from Kochi to Athirapally falls is 55 KMs. You can hire a taxi from airport to falls.

By Train – Chalakkudy is the nearest railways station (30 KMs). It is on main trunk line and is connected to all parts of the country. Ernakulam to Athirapally falls is also convenient connection.

By Bus – There are buses going to the falls from major towns in Kerala.

The distance of Athirapally Falls to Munnar is 140 KMs

If you are planning a trip to Athirapally falls from Bangalore, you may look at this detailed post

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Travel Tips

a) The falls is open between 8 AM to 5 PM.

b) Park your car, buy a ticket and spend your time exploring the falls. Park correctly as directed by attendants.

c) Buy the tickets at counter and enter the waterfalls complex. Spend your time leisurely exploring the waterfalls.

d) Do not go the edge of the waterfalls. The rocks may be slippery and it may prove fatal.

e) No selfies at the edge of waterfalls.

f) Walk down to the bottom of waterfalls. Do not try to go to the middle of the river to click pictures. The water force is very high and there are whirlpools. The rocks are slippery. Stand on the side and enjoy the panoramic view of the falls.

g) There are many stay options around the falls. Pick as per your choice.

h) Munnar should be part of your plan to visit Athirapally waterfalls. Athirapally to Munnar is a fabulous drive!

h) There are many restaurants near the falls. Pick any as per your choice.

i) Drive down for 25 KMs on the road to Valparai if you have time. The road goes through lovely forest with beautiful views of backwaters of Poringalkuthu reservoir. You can also get a chance to visit Vazhachal falls.

j) Help forest department to keep the place neat and clean.

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