Chitra Santhe is on 5 Jan 2025 | A Detailed Visual Guide!

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Chitra Santhe is the Kumbh Mela of art! The next edition Chitra Santhe 2025 likely to be held on Sunday, 5 Jan 2025.

Next time when you are in Bangalore in the month of January, plan to be there at Chitra Santhe on 5 Jan 2025

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath organises “Chitra Santhe” or the “Art market” if one can literally translate it. “Chitra” in Kannada means “drawing/Painting” and “Santhe” means “village market”.

Please don’t forget to read important tips to make your Chitra Santhe experience memorable!!

Chitra Santhe
Chitra Santhe

The concept of Chitra Santhe was born years ago when the then chairman of Chitrakala Parishath Dr D K Chowta wanted to bring artists face to face with buyers without middle layer called art galleries. He also wanted to remove the notion that art is only for elite and wanted to make sure it reaches common man as well.

After initial skepticism, the annual event has become a “must visit” in Bangalore in January. This not only gives platform to budding artists as well as established ones but also allows both connoisseurs as well as common man to pick up some nice paintings.

One may not see celebrity painters in the event, but either side of the road – 1 KM stretch – in front of Chitrakala Parishath virtually becomes an art market for one day.

It is a riot of colours. You can buy oils, watercolors, charcoals………also look out for nice sculptures and terracotta stuff as well. You can get your caricature done by the artists.

Artists come from all over the country to display their work. It is a feast for the eyes and a good day to spend.

Chitra Santhe 2019 was focused on Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary and the students of Chitrakala Parishath are curating an exhibition of rare photos and paintings on Mahatma.

Here are some snapshots!

chitra santhe

Some snapshots from the 2024 edition which was held on 07 Jan 24.

Here are the paintings we bought on 07 Jan 24 ! Lovely paintings at reasonable prices! You get them only in Chitra Santhe!

Pictures from earlier editions.

Chitra Santhe
Crowd at the entrance of Parishath
Chitra Santhe
Crowd on the road!

Last time we were there, we bought a painting from a young Iranian artist who was studying in Chitra Kala Parishath.

When we went to Chitra Santhe 2018, we bought many paintings burning a hole in the pocket!!

Please read these useful tips from our experience to make your experience memorable!

Important Tips

  1. Over the years this has grown big. A lot of crowds come. Go early. Our suggestion is to go there around 10 AM when most of the stalls would have come up. The inauguration by the Chief Minister will be around 10.30 AM. But that will not affect people visiting the santhe.
  2. Parking will be an issue. Make sure that you park away and walk to the street where the santhe is held. That way it is easier to get out. Alternately go by a cab. The nearest Metro station is Sampige Road station on Green Line which is a KM away. You may walk down or the autorickshaw will charge a minimum.
  3. Wear good shoes and a hat. Though the road is lined with trees, a good hat helps. Carry a water bottle.
  4. Please carry enough cash as some of the artists may not have UPI Scanner! However, majority do accept UPI payments
  5. Please take your children. It will be a great exposure to the world of colours for them!
  6. You will find many shacks selling eatables.  After finishing the visit, we recommend that you visit Janardhana Hotel which is one of the few places where you get authentic ” Masala Dosa” in Bangalore (Available between 11 AM and 1 AM and 4 PM to 8 PM). Old world style! Richie Rich is another lovely place for ice creams, shakes and sandwiches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Where is Chitra Santhe 2024? – Chitra Santhe is held on Kumara Krupa road – a one-kilometre stretch – from Shivananda Circle to Windsor Manor Circle
  2. How to apply for a stall or sell in Chitra Santhe? – Please keep a watch on the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath website. They call for applications/registrations three months prior to the show. All details will be available on their website.
  3. How many days is Chitra Santhe? – It is held only on one day.

BTW, please don’t miss another lovely event this month in Bangalore – The Republic Day Flower Show at Lalbagh. Please see all the details with useful tips here! – Republic Day Lalbagh Flower show 2024 – A Complete guide!

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  • Hi Sir,

    This is Artist Jeeva from Chennai. I would like to participate in this show on coming year, kindly let me know the details please through below email ID.


    Thanks & Regards,
    +91 9600009453

  • Hi every body been participating in chitra parichat for past 3 years and feel so delighted …..wish we get better appritiation by customers and art lovers …in the best spirit of giving a painting its home….. akbar

  • Hi Sir,

    This is Artist s murthy from Erode. I would like to participate in this show on coming year, kindly let me know the details please through below email ID.


    Thanks & Regards,
    s murthy
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  • i come to Bangalore on business every year, and I plan my visit around this event. Thank you for posting the date, I was getting nervous that I was going to miss it. i will be there! I will be the short white American lady. i am bringing a big suitcase so I can bring some wonderful art home with me!

  • How to register for keeping the stall in Chitrasanthe on jan 29th…?
    Is there any last date for this?
    The official Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Website is not opening for me…
    Any alternate way to register?

  • Thank you for your information. But 13jan of 2024 is Saturday not Sunday… Can you plz confirm what’s the correct date of chitra santhe 2024…?

    • Thanks Sumi. This is only a tentative date. The final date will be confirmed a month before the event. We have seen dates changing in the last few years. But it will be one of the sundays in January.

  • How to register for keeping the stall in Chitrasanthe on 2024
    Is there any last date for this?
    The official Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Website is not opening for me…
    Any alternate way to register?

    • You keep in touch with Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath through their website. You can also call them. They will call for applications three months before the event.

  • Hi, i want to participate in chitrasanthe 2024, to sell my paintings and pencil sketches. Where can i get details ? How to register for participation? Can u please give me information?

  • This is K. Sivaraman student of Arts and Crafts, College, Chennai, Hence I am entering first time, I couldn’t register for 2024 exhibition, please guide me to get the form

  • I would like to participate on this but it seems like their website is not working now. Does anyone have idea about the registration form? (Writing this on behalf of my friend from Kerala)
    Mob: 9633457126

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