16 Walking Tours in India you should not miss!

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Walking Tours in India. Heritage walks in India. Call it by any name. The idea is to leisurely explore the neighbourhoods of our cities on foot.
We remember reading the great essay by Pico Iyer on his walks in Kyoto, Japan. In one of the interviews, he says that the time not spent on eating is spent walking, and walking, and walking around the city, seeing more of it! Paul Theroux dedicates a complete chapter in his classic ” Tao of Travel” on “Walking” – an essential activity in Travel.

We love walking around and exploring during our travel. Either in guided tours or on our own. These are walking tours either done by us or recommended by our friends.

Why don’t we explore our cities on foot? For an itinerant traveller, nomad, there is no need for a guide. But for many of us, thankfully, there is help. Tailor made “Walks” takes us through neighbourhoods which many of us miss out. Here is a list to help you embark on this journey on feet……Put on your shoes and start exploring.

Here is a list of Walking tours in India. Best option to explore a city. For more details, click on the links which are blue in colour.


Walking Tours in India
World War II War Memorial

Bangalore Walks by Arun Pai has rejuvenated interest in the history of this lovely city. Whether it is World War II War memorial or 150 year old tree in Lalbagh, you get a chance to walk and explore the city with his team. Another team of ladies – Pushpa Acahnta and Poornima Dasarathi – takes travellers on unhurried walks in the city as well. Check out details on their schedule here Unhurried Walks in Bangalore. INTACH Bangalore also conducts their monthly walks in city.


Walking Tours in India
Red Fort (Photo courtesy – Samir Luther )

Delhi Heritage Walks brings to you Delhi beyond its Malls. When did you last time took some time out to hear the heroic tales of 1857 India’s first War of Independence or Sepoy Mutiny standing in the barracks where it actually happened? Here is your chance to listen to it from the passionate team who loves Delhi and its heritage.


Walking Tours in India
Chowmahalla Palace ( Photo Courtesy – Amit Rawat )

Hyderabad Heritage Walks tells you the glorious past of this city in Deccan. Move over Cyberabad. Move over IT city. Get immersed in the historical past of Old Hyderabad during your walks.


Walking Tours in India
Victoria Memorial

If we are not wrong Kolkata Walks was the first of the walks of its kind started in India by Iftekar and his team of enthusiastic friends. Aptly so as Kolkata is next only to Delhi as a city with maximum monuments and a long history to boast off. Relive the moments when Iftekar and his team explain how venerable Mohun Bagan defeated East Yorkshire regiment in 1911.


Walking Tours in India
Rippon Building

Chennai Heritage Walks by Sriram is all about passion by the man and his community of friends as they take you through the nostalgic memories of Madras as the city was known. Different walks by different folks in the community. This is all about Madras, my dear!


Walking Tours in India
CFTRI Building in Mysore

We always wondered why the royal city of Mysore never had a walking tour. Till we ended up doing one with Royal Mysore Walks ourselves. Mysore has little gems beyond its grand palace which the team led by Vinay Parameshwarappa and his team take you through. Don’t miss it!


Walking Tours in India
Lanes of Varanasi

The oldest living city in the world has to be explored by walking. Period. Ladies and gentlemen, put on your shoes and join Varanasi Walks to explore the lanes of Varanasi. Forget the dust. Forget the chaos. Look beyond and get immersed in the energy of the city. No city can come near it.


Walking Tours in India
Door frames of houses on the walk

We never knew the heritage of Ahmedabad till we did this walk few years ago. Ahmedabad Heritage Walks helps you understand the history, art and architecture of this city.


Walking Tours in India
Clock Tower, Mumbai University (Photo Courtesy – Steve Evens)

Mumbai Walking Tours and Bombay Heritage Walks help you understand the heritage, history and architectural past of the commercial capital of the country. Check out the architectural heritage of Mumbai university or that of the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal as Victoria Terminus is now called. There is definitely more to the city than its stock market and Bollywood!


Walking Tours in India
Reis Mago fort

We chanced upon this “do it yourself” itineraries. Go Goa Walks is a treasure trove for someone who look beyond sand and surf. Put on your slippers, carry a bottle of water and explore the heritage left behind by Portuguese, explore the energy of local markets……..


Walking Tours in India
City Palace, Udaipur

Virasat experiences bring you what had been lacking in Rajasthan for a long time. Their Udaipur Heritage Walks,  Jaipur Heritage WalksJodhpur Heritage Walks takes you beyond the glamour of Maharajas. They tell you the stories which you not have read before. Go for it!


Walking Tours in India
A French building

Explore the French colonial heritage in this heritage walk by INTACH. Walking around the French colony early in the morning is an experience to cherish for. For more details check out INTACH Pondicherry


Walking tours in India
Rumi Darwaza

Nawabi Lucknow. A great city. Still unexplored. Lots of history. Who else is better to take you for a walk than Tomos Foundation who knows the city inside out. Try out the Victorian Walk or evening culinary walk to savour famous Tune Kebabs. Check out all details here Lucknow Walks


Chinese Fishing Nets at Dusk, Kochi

Fort Kochi is a walker’s delight. Here is an opportunity to get to know the historical part of Kochi whether it is Jewish Synagogue of Dutch cemetery or try your hand at Chinese fishing nets. Check out the walks here Kochi Heritage Walks

Srinagar, Kashmir

Walking Tours in India
Aali Mosque

The city of Srinagar has rich history. Look beyond the lovely lakes and gardens and explore the lanes and by lanes of this lovely place. INTACH Srinagar has an array of walks. Check out details here Srinagar Heritage Walks


Walking tours in India
Viceregal Lodge

The erstwhile summer capital of British is worth exploring by foot. Walking on the famed Mall Road and exploring the colonial legacy of Shimla is like a history lesson in itself. the team led by Sumit Vashist shows you the places which are not touristy but interesting. They have conceptualised many walks in and around city which can be seen here Shimla Walks

Lastly, check out our first post in the series ” Bengaluru Neighbourhood Walks” on one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Bengaluru, Basavanagudi.
Bengaluru Neighbourhood Walks – Basavanagudi Beckons!

Stay tuned for more to come on Bengaluru.

Next time when you visit any of the above cities, keep few hours to explore on foot.

Till then, Happy Walking!

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