Road trip Vignettes – Refreshing Tender Coconuts on Ooty road!

Last updated on November 25th, 2015 at 09:24 am

Being roadtrippers, one thing we always relish during our drives is the “tender coconut”. It is very refreshing and healthy. This is especially so when you drive anywhere in Karnataka when you will always come across a small roadside outlet selling tender coconuts. There is nothing beautiful about these places.
But if you have travelled to Ooty from Mysore, you would have noticed the fascinating array of coconuts on the road. They are arranged like a pillar which is visible from a long distance enticing curiosity. When you come near, you realise that they are beautifully arranged tender coconuts. Having travelled many times on this stretch, we always stop at one of these places to savour it and refresh ourselves.
Few months back, we did stop at this place near Nanjanagud. The coconuts were arranged beautifully and they looked aesthetically brilliant. We asked, Siddappa, the owner of the outlet what made him do this when many of his peers elsewhere just kept them. The answer was insightful.
“We wanted to do something different from others and thought of this. Also it looks nice. Isn’t it?”
 “Yes, it is. Has your business increased once you installed the “coco pillar”?
“Yes, it has. people stop to check it out of curiosity and then ask for tender coconuts.”
Any innovative idea, is always welcomed and so is Siddappa’s others of his ilk on this road. Sure, it also helps him to earn few extra bucks as well!
Now you know where to stop when you drive to Ooty from Mysore. Stop at any othese places and and get refreshed!
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