14 Things to do in winter in India you haven’t done before!

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Things to do in Winter in India?
Yes, Winter in India is the best season to explore this lovely country. It is also the time when kids have holidays during Christmas. We were going through some travel magazines this month which did list some places one should go in the winter. We started thinking whether we can list some off beat destinations/activities you can do this winter. Here is our list of “things to do in winter”. Some done by us, some told by friends and some in our bucket list. Read, plan and explore this winter….
1 Beach treks in Karnataka
Winter and beaches are made for each other. If you don’t want to just laze around and are game for a bit of adventure, you can try these lovely beach treks.
half  Half  Moon Beach Karnataka Coast

Travel Tip – You can find all details on beach treks in this post in this blog.

Four beach treks in Karnataka you must do!

2 Caving in Andhra Pradesh

You can do this only in winter. Andhra Pradesh has some lovely cave formations. Explore Belum and Yaganti near Kurnool or Borra caves near Vishakhapatnam.

Things to do in Winter in India
Yaganti Caves (Photo Courtesy – Lovell D’souza )
Travel tips – Make Kurnool/Nandyal as base to explore Belum and Yaganti. Vizag is the best place to make base for exploring Borra caves. Other attractions around Kurnool are temples in Alampur, canyons of Oravakallu etc.
3 Surfing in South India
Come and surf here in South India. The nascent sports has really picked up in last few years. You have options to go for surfing in Pondicherry or Mulki (near Mangalore) or Kodi Bengere (near Udupi). Of these, the location of Bengere is just a class apart. A Jutland between a river and sea with fabulous beach thrown in. Do you need anything more?
Things to do in Winter in India
Travel Tip – You can read all details on surfing in this post in this blog
4 Scuba on West coast
If you can not go to Bali or Thailand or Andamans, don’t worry. You have options closer home. Netrani Island near Murudeshwar and Goa are great places to go for snorkeling and Scuba diving. Of course, winters are the best season with great weather and clear waters. We did it in Netrani and it was mind blowing experience
Things to do in Winter in India
Yours truly Under water in Netrani!
Travel tipYou can check out details on Scuba diving in the link given above. Also you can also read our scuba diving experience in Netrani Island here in this blog
5 Explore history in Bundelkhand
Bundelkhand? Where is it? Did we hear this question?
Yes. many are not aware of the treasures of Bundelkhand. If we tell you that Khajuraho is in Bundelkhand region, you would be surprised. But there are many such gems in the regions – Deogarh, Gyraspur, Mahoba, Chhattarpur, Orchha……..
Things to do in Winter in India
Travel tip – Combine this with your trip to Khajuraho. Make Jhansi/Orchha as base and explore the places as day trips. Check out this post on our blog
6 Count tigers in Simlipal in Odisha
We know you have been to Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh or Bandipur chasing tigers. Simlipal? An unspoilt wilderness with waterfalls, rivers and forests beckons you. Yes, there are 80 tigers too.
Things to do in Winter in India
Barehipani Waterfall
Travel tip – You can find all details about the park here
7 Five unexplored beaches
India has a coastline 7500 KMs of which means it also has hidden, unexplored beaches as well. We know you have vacationed in Goa or Kovalam or Pondy. Why not look at these unexplored beaches?
Kushi Beach near Rameshwaram
Travel tip – Check out details on some of the unexplored beaches in this post on this blog
8 Drive in snow in Himachal Pradesh
If you love snow and don’t mind winter cold, then here is an option to enjoy the white drive in Himachal Pradesh. It will be stunningly beautiful.
Things to do in Winter in India
Mall Road, Shimla (Photo Courtesy – Shobit Sharma )
Travel tipReach Shimla/Kufri, then start your “White drive” onto Manali via Mandi. Drive safe as Winter fog will be very heavy all over the region. Be prepared for some sudden snowfall in those parts and keep a couple of days for dislocations.
9 Christmas in Aizawl
This is real fun. One week of festivities. Aizawl is a one of the loveliest hill station in the north east India and Mizos are very hospitable. Christmas is the best time to mingle with Mizos and live the spirit of yuletide.
Things to do in Winter in India

Travel tip – Aizawl is well connected by air to major Indian cities. For more on exploring Aizawl, please check out this link below.

Exploring Aizawl

10 Camel safari in Barmer
Move over Jaisalmer. Welcome to Barmer. This is in the heart of Thar desert. The dunes are alluring. The best place to go for a camel Safari.
Things to do in Winter in India


Travel Tip – Sanchal Fort is the only decent accommodation in Barmer. The hotel will organise the safari to sand dunes of Magabar. The website of the hotel is

Sanchal fort – A haveli in the desert!

11 River cruise on Chambal
You can not do this in summer when mercury reaches 48 degrees. The morning cruise on Chambal is soothing. If you can’t get up in the morning then opt for afternoon safari with sunset cruise. The bird life is fantastic. You will get a chance to see endangered Gharials sunbathing on the banks of the river.
Things to do in Winter in India
Sunset on Chambal river (Photo Courtesy – Paul Ian Holt )
Travel tip – The best option to explore Chambal is through Chambal Safaris. Check out more details here
12 Sky watching in Kutch
If you have done sky watching in Ladakh, you would love this as well. Winter skies in Kutch are spectacular. Weather is chilly. Sit around the fire and look at the sky at night. Or get up early to see spectacular sunrise. Or ride a camel into beautiful sunset.
Things to do in Winter in India?
Morning colours of the sky at sunrise in Kutch

Travel tip – You will get lot of information on Kutch on the web. Our recommendation is to stay in the fantastic rural set up in Sham-e-sarhad village resort in Hodka and explore the region. Check out more details here.

Sham-e-sarhad Village resort, Hodka

13 Drive on Coast road in Maharashtra
The drive on Maharashtra State  Highway 4 is just out of the world. The drive through Konkan coast takes you to breathtaking cliffs overlooking the sea, mighty sea side forts and of course unexplored beaches. Go for it!


Travel tip – This is a scenic drive which also involves ferry crossing. Take detours and explore the beaches on the route.
14 Check out winged visitors in Point Calimere
Kodikkarai or Point Calimere is at the nose of Coromandel coast in Tamil Nadu. Starting October, the sea front of Kodikkarai and its backwater lakes are filled with winged visitors from outside the country. They remain till end of January.
Things to do in Winter in India
Travel Tip – Kodikkarai can be easily reached by road and the rail services. The accommodation options are in Vedaranyam which is 10 KMs from Kodikkarai. For more details check out this nice web site by the Forest Department

Point Calimere Wild life Sanctuary

This was our list. Plan now and go and check out these places this winter. Have you made your own list for venturing out this winter? Why don’t you share it with us?
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