6 Exotic places to welcome new year in India!

How about exploring these 6 exotic places to welcome new year ?

The year 2018 is coming to an end in a few weeks. It is time to celebrate and welcome another new year. New hopes, new joys and new resolutions.

We present a list of 6 exotic places to welcome new year in India with your loved ones.

1 On an Island

Oh yes. This is new and this is exotic. This is out of the world. Go there before it becomes too expensive! Yes, we are talking about the fantastic resort on the small island called Kurumgad off the Karwar coast in Karnataka. Cincator is the only place of habitation in this island which is known for the famous temple of Narasimha. This is by the same people who run fabulous Destiny Farm stay, Sherlock and King’s cliff in Ooty. As the sun sets on Dec 31, sip bubbly looking at the horizon and ring in the new year!

For more details on the place click this link – Cincator Island resort

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2 On a Tree House

This is exclusive. Only five tree houses next to Bandhavgarh national park in Madhya Pradesh. Each one perched on a big banyan or a mahua tree. You have many resorts in Wayanad and Coorg Or Munnar which boast of tree houses. But this place is exclusive. There are only tree houses. Only five. Spacious and beautifully done. If you are lucky, you can see a tiger on the new year as well!! We were there in 2013 during Christmas.

For more details lick here – Treehouse Hideaway – A resort in Bandhavgarh

3 In a Desert

Don’t  you want to stay in a desert but not in a crowded desert camp but in traditional Rajasthani Dhani huts in the middle of the desert around a small oasis?  Then head to Khimsar near Jodhpur. The setting is magical. Only Dhani huts around the oasis. Climb up the sand dunes to see fabulous sights of sun setting in horizon. We stayed in 2009 when it had started.

More details here – https://www.itchotels.in/hotels/khimsar/welcomhotelkhimsar-fort-and-dunes.html

4 In Snow

6 exotic places to welcome new year

6 exotic places to welcome new year

Yes. You will be virtually in snow. Almost, except that your room will be cozily warm when the whole place will be covered by snow. Welcome to Khyber. The lovely place is in Gulmarg.

For more details on Gulmarg please see this post on this blog – Gulmarg in spring – Whitewashed and gorgeous

5 On a boat

6 exotic places to welcome new year

You can hire a nice house boat on Kerala backwaters and ring in the new year!. Winters are the best time to be in Kerala. Sailing on backwaters at leisurely place is a pleasure. The azure waters, palm fringed banks, greenery all around makes it a pretty sight. Experiencing sunset sitting on the deck and sipping bubbly is a lovely experience. You can hire a houseboat either in Alleppey or Kumarakkom or Kannur. If you are willing to splurge then there is lovely house boat VRINDA by Oberoi group 

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6 Caravan

6 exotic places to welcome new year

6 exotic places to welcome new year

This is a unique idea. You and your loved ones in a caravan and freedom that comes with it. You can either hire private caravans or explore Madhya Pradesh in the caravan by Madhaya Pradesh tourism.


Excited? Try and plan early. Have a good time!

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