Monsoon Experience in India | 6 Things to do to enjoy!

Last updated on December 26th, 2017 at 05:14 pm

Monsoon is likely to arrive in India in next two weeks. Rains will bring in rejuvenation. It is green and green every where. The streams come to life and waterfalls are at their best. Time to go out and get soaked and comeback with a monsoon experience!

Here are six things you can to do to get a Monsoon experience in India.

1 Go to Kerala


Monsoon clouds hover over Kovalam beach

If you want to experience monsoon when it hits Indian coast, then head to Kerala. The Coast of Kerala gets the showers first. It is amazing experience to see the transformation.

2 Stay in a Malnad Home


Malnad home @ Bananki

Malnad is mesmerising when it rains.

We have driven in rains in Malnad. We have stayed and explored during rains in Malnad.  We will assure you that you are looking for an experience of Monsoon, then head to Malnad region consisting of Coorg, Chikmagalur, Tirthahalli, Sakleshpur and Uttara Kannada in the state of Karnataka.

When it pours 24/7 in the months of June and July. It is the time to get soaked. It is the time to see the streams come to life. When you can see countless waterfalls cascading from mountains. The advantage of Malnad compared to places like Konkan are lovely home stays which will help you experience the rainy season like a local!

For an itinerary to get mesmerised in Malnad, check this link

Experiencing Monsoon in Malnad – A Readymade itinerary

3 Hop on a train!


Konkan Railway train crossing a river

Yes. If you are bored with driving in rain then hop onto a train. We have some spectacular train journeys in western ghats to get a fantastic experience of monsoon. Here is our pick.

5 Train journeys to experience Monsoon!

4 Go and see water falls


An unnamed waterfalls on the way to Kemmanagundi, Chikmagalur

Rains means lovely waterfalls. This is the time when waterfalls come alive from every nook and corners of the mountains. Check out the glory of Jog Falls or Athirapally falls or Magod Falls or Iruppu falls. They are all brilliant during this season. This season also gives raise to many unknown water falls which are as lovely as others.

Here is a list of 10 waterfalls in Karnataka you should not miss during rains.

5 Go for a drive in Western ghats


Lovely meadows in Sakleshpur

We love it. It is a bliss to drive in monsoon.

If you want to get an experience of it, then a drive in Western ghats is a must for you. Whether it is a drive on the Charmadi ghat or in Shayadris or in the mountains of Munnar or get mesmerised by lovely meadows of Sakleshpur. This list of rain drives are just awesome.

12 Monsoon road trips to get mesmerised!

Monsoon drive in Western ghats – Counting Countless waterfalls!

6 Go for a rain trek


Trekking in Monsoon

Oh yes. Some treks like the one to Valley of Flowers has to be done in rainy season to enjoy the beauty of nature. The rain treks in Western ghats are awesome. But make sure you take precautions to keep leeches away.

One of the rain treks worth every step was the rain trek on railway track to Dudhsagar falls. Unfortunately that has been banned for the last two seasons.

Other things you can do to enhance experience of Indian monsoon is to bicycle around. If you don’t mind getting soaked, it is lovely. Apart from Western Ghats, these are the places – 10 Places to experience monsoon in India  or 5 Unexplored monsoon destinations where you can experience rains in India.

While Cherrapunji is heavenly during this time so are the other states. In Central India, One should visit Mandu and Pachmarhi during Monsoon. Himalayas in the north come alive with myriad waterfalls during rains. But, driving/trekking in rains in Himalayas is risky due to flash floods and landslides.

Here is a complete list on Monsoon in this blog – Celebrating Monsoon in India – A Complete list

Go out and get soaked in rain. You will not regret it!

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