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Dudhsagar Falls – Rain Trek on Railway Track!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Dudhsagar Falls – We were there in August in monsoon in 2013. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The falls is at its best in monsoon. Go now. (Incidentally this is the same waterfalls shown in Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster – Chennai Express)

Latest Update – The railway track trek to Dudhsagar Falls is banned by Railway Police till further notice. 

Who doesn’t remember this lovely rhyme?

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day.

Little Arthur wants to play;

We did not want the rain to go away. We wanted to trek in the rain. Trek to Dudhsagar falls in monsoon was always on our bucket list. Honestly speaking, trekking in rain is no fun. Then you don’t have a choice if you want to visit the falls when rain is pouring in the mountains and the falls is at its magnificent best. We decided to do it.

Our initial plan was to drive up to Hubli, stay overnight, drive next morning to Castle Rock – the start point of the trek – and return back to Hubli by evening after trekking to waterfalls. However this time around, we decided to go by train. Getting reservations at last-minute on Indian trains is always difficult. We wanted to try our luck through Indian Railways (IRCTC) website. You know how notorious IRCTC is. Browsing early in the morning, we were lucky and could get the tickets in Tatkal after couple of tries. The last time we travelled in a train was way back in 2000.

Trains are always fun if you don’t mind smelly platforms, not so clean coaches……….and of course the toilets. We booked in three-tier AC coach. Chennai – Vasco express which passes through Bangalore is not an “Important or Star” train for railways. It is more of a fast passenger than an express. Thus, the coach was not new, one which would possibly be discarded in couple years. As we entered our coupe and sat on the seat, we were greeted by the tiny little creatures commonly known as cockroach! Thankfully they were small ones moving around. We smashed few, shoved the luggage under the seat and settle down when a couple walks in. Our co-passengers in the same coupe.

The best part of a train journey in India is human watching. It is an amazing world out there. Our co-passengers – a middle-aged jeweller and his wife from Bangalore – were going to Goa for a “relaxed” holiday. For our man, Goa was the ultimate destination. He goes there every year to just chill out. He does not want to go anywhere else and Goa is the full and final destination for him. But the couple were interesting and well-informed. They were surprised to hear that we were travelling in the train to get down at Castle Rock for a trek to Dudhsagar falls. They had seen the waterfalls many times on their journeys to Goa but had never heard of people trekking to waterfalls. The man was curious.

“How many KMs is the trek”

“14 Kms”

“Are you sure you guys want to do this in rain”

“Yes, we have come prepared.” I show him our trekking shoes, rain cape, backpack etc.

“How long will it take to cover the distance?”

“Five hours”

“You guys are going to walk for five hours in this rain???”

“Yes, that is the fun”

He shakes his head. The wife gives a blank look.After the checking of tickets by TC, we bid good night. Not before checking for couple of cockroaches and smashing them.

Poorna normally gets up early while travelling in train. It was 6AM and the train had just arrived in Hubli. A boy was moving around briskly on the platform selling hot tea. Behind him was another selling news paper. A chai in one hand and news paper in the other is always good day to start. After a halt of half hour, the train starts and the journey from now till Castle Rock is lovely. Poorna had done this train journey many times while being posted in Goa in his earlier avatar in Army. He always looked forward to this stretch when he used to stand near the door and enjoy the beautiful vistas. Today was no different. The rains had turned the landscape into lively green. The streams were full and flowing. Fortunately it was not raining. Cool breeze was caressing our face as we stood near the door holding onto the rails.  We wished the weather would hold good till we completed the trek.

(Please click on the pictures to see them in enlarged size)

Dudhsagar Falls

It is all green between Dharwad and Castle Rock

Dudhsagar Falls

Green and Green…….

At Londa, we get the pre-ordered breakfast – order taken by steward on the previous night – of Idli and Vada which was not bad. The breakfast was to be only meal for us till we reached our hotel in Goa.

The train screeched to halt at Castle rock around 10 AM, half hour behind schedule. We get down and take out our rain cape. Before starting this trek, we were warned of two things by travel bloggers – Rain and Leeches. We had come well prepared with rain cape and covers for the backpack. Leeches, we weren’t much bothered. You can’t escape them while trekking in monsoon in tropical forests. Being Saturday, a large number of trekkers had got down at Castle rock. We all set out on the tracks. Walking on the track is definitely easier than walking on trails in the hills. You don’t have to worry about the condition of trail. You won’t get lost here. All you need to do is to just walk. On the track.

Dudhsagar Falls

The Start point

Soon, we leave the railway station behind and get onto the track. It starts to drizzle. Before long, it turns into a steady and heavy downpour. It is not fun to walk in the rain. We swear. It is not pleasure to walk with rain cape wrapped around you. The sound of sputtering rain on the rain cape is definitely not music to ears. We continue. The boots were full of water. They had given up the will to stay dry. They were soaked and squelching at every step.

On the positive side, this is the best time to trek. The nature is at its best. Back to life streams creating lovely waterfalls. Sun playing hide and seek behind thick canopy of clouds. Mist covering the valley. Cute little waterfalls on the side of the track. Stunning valleys with waterfalls cascading from the hilltop. What else can one ask for?

Dudhsagar Falls

Beautiful valley views with clouds kissing the hills!

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls

Castle Rock…..

Walking on the track in rain is tricky. It is not difficult. In the rain, the sleepers become slippery and one has to be careful while moving. It is not unsafe either. Yes, when the train comes, you have to get out of the track. When you do so, you have to be careful and watch out. All along the trail there is enough place for one to stay out of the track safely when the train comes. It is easy to notice when it comes. The drivers are aware that there will be people walking on the track – especially on weekends – and will always sound the horn. Moreover, the trains do not run fast on this ghat section which provides ample time to get off to safety when you hear the train’s horn. When you are on a bridge, do not rush if you don’t find a good place to come off the track. Walk past the bridge briskly but safely and then move to safe place. Do not wait to come off the track till the train approaches you. You will hear the sound of the train well in advance as sound reverberates in the Hills. Wait patiently till the train cross over.
You are not in a race here. Walk relaxed and enjoy the surroundings. This is not a busy route and there are very few trains including odd engine combos and freight trains. Yes, you need to watch the shit on the track. But that should not be too much to worry about. In monsoon when it is raining, it gets washed away. Safety is important and not stepping on shit.

We are in Braganza ghat now. We see the glimpse of the first tunnel. Walking in tunnel which is pitch dark means you need to have a powerful torch which we did carry. The dripping water from the top ensured that we walked under canopy of water inside the tunnel. There is enough space on the side of the track to move even if a train comes. Try and move faster to get out of the tunnel. If not choose a good spot to stay put till the train pass.

Walking in the tunnel is definitely an experience. Fortunately when we entered the first tunnel, there were no one in front of us or behind, which meant we were welcomed by an eerie silence and pitch darkness. There are no animals or bats in these tunnels and hence one can proceed without any fear. First tunnel done, we grew in confidence. Whatever initial apprehensions we had got removed and we started walking confidently.

Dudhsagar Falls

The first tunnel……

Dudhsagar Falls

Brinda inside the tunnel……

Five KMs on, we leave Karnataka behind and enter the state of Goa.The fourth tunnel is built to resemble a castle. It is a lovely setting. One has to appreciate the aesthetics of the people who built this tunnel. Why on earth did they choose the castle for this tunnel? What could be the reason when all other tunnels are bland. Is this because the tunnel is close to a rock which resemble a castle?
The track is flanked by rocky terrain, streams and waterfalls on the left side and beautiful valleys with tall peaks and waterfalls on the horizon on the right side. We could spot some lovely waterfalls cascading from the tall peaks whenever the mist lifted. The left side of the track is a treat of small waterfalls all along. It had been raining heavily in the past week which meant all these small little waterfalls were at their glorious best. We did not venture out to walk near these falls as the water flow was heavy. But if you are trekking after monsoon, these are lovely spots to stop for a bite and break.
Dudhsagar Falls

Welcome to Goa……at Braganza Ghat

Dudhsagar Falls

The Tunnel resembling a English castle!!

Dudhsagar Falls

A waterfalls in distant hills!!

Dudhsagar falls

Now onwards, you will be treated with myriad of waterfalls along the track

Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar FallsDudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls
We reach Caranzol, the midpoint of the trek. A small railway station, which is more for maintenance of engines than for any passengers. We trudge on even as the clouds open up and rain drench us.
Dudhsagar Falls

Caranzol railway station – the mid point

This is the first part of our trek in the rain on railway track to Dudhsagar Falls. The second part covers our adventure through the tunnels, wow experience when we reach the water falls for a heavenly sight, journey in a diesel engine under the canopy of waterfalls and other details of how to plan the trek, train timings etc please check out this post below.

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