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Spectacular Srinagar from the sky!

We are writing this from Srinagar. We don’t have to tell that this city is beautiful having been there twice in the last two years. We love the city, its beautiful vistas, the people and cuisine.  We came here to see the lovely and colorful Tulip garden in full bloom.

Whenever we travel to Himalayas, we make sure that we get a window seat. When we got our boarding pass this time, the guy at the desk didn’t give us window seat. We were disappointed but were keeping our fingers crossed when we boarded the flight. As luck would have it no one turned up and we are able to get a window seat.

Twenty minutes into the landing, we spotted the first mountains. After that, it was a spectacular landscape of mountains and valleys which greet us till we landed. Let us share you what we saw from the sky. Please click on the pictures to see them in larger size.

Srinagar, Kashmir

The first glimpse of mountains……

Srinagar, Kashmir

Fortunately there was lot of snow around…..

srinagar, kashmir

Another peak….


When clouds cleared, we could see this lovely peak

Srinagar, Pakistan

First glimpse of Srinagar…..

Srinagar, Kashmir

Fascinating colors of Kashmir

Srinagar, Kashmir


Srinagar. Kashmir

Do you want to live here!!

When you are traveling to Kashmir or Leh, make sure that you have a window seat. You don’t want to miss this experience? Isn’t it?

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